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Com. Jayaraj. K. V. retired from service on superannuation on 31.03.2018

Jayaraj K. V., born in the year 1958 at Madukkarai, near Coimbatore in Tamilnadu  and brought up at Kallyasseri, Kannur District in the state Kerala. He was the elder son of Late Shri. T V Krishnan Nambiar & Smt. KV Kamalam. His Parents are having a progressive outlook and extended their helping had to the needy and oppressed.
He has completed his school education at Govt. High School Kallyasseri and has joined in the Student Federation of India (SFI) at the age of 12. Later he joined in the S.N College Kannur for his pre - graduation (+2) study. Thereafter Com Jayaraj joined at the Government Polytechnic Kannur for his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
Com. Jayaraj had associated in the Students Federation of India (SFI) in his school days onwards. In 1977 elected as Secretary of SFI polytechnic Unit, There after hold the positions in SFI as Secretary Edakkad Area Committee, Jt. Secretary of Kannur District Committee and member of Kerala State Committee. He was the Convener of State level Technical Sub Committee of SFI and the Chairman of All Kerala State Polytechnic Student’s Union. In 1981 entire students were on the warpath under SFI & DYFI and the students & youths activists were subjected to brutal lathi- charge by the police and Com. Jayaraj also one among them. Com Jayaraj’s life partner Aleyamma (Baby) was also associated with the SFI and their introduction was   through this organization.
Com. Jayaraj joined in BARC on 29th June 1983. And his marriage with Baby was solemnized in August 1983. In the year 1985 Upama, one only daughter born. Com. Jayaraj shifted his residence to Anushaktinagar in the year 1988 and started to involve in the social activities.
Under the leadership of Anushaktinagar Residents Welfare Association (ARWA) and with the co-operation of MarathiVigyanparishath & Atomic Energy Education Society a National Children’s Science Festival was organized. The theme was National Integration through science and its practice. Com Jayaraj was in the leadership of that programe.
Comrade has proved his ability in the field arts and literature. He  was the General Secretary of Trombay Township Fine Arts Club (TTFAC), a cultural organization of Malayalees staying in Anushaktinagar and introduced many new programme for its members during he was in the leadership of that organization.
He has joined as a member of Atomic Energy Workers & Staff Union (AEWSU) in the year 1983 and became Joint Secretary of the union in the year 1988. When he entered in the arena, thinking process has started on submitting representation to pay commission, joining the need of All India movements and requirement of conducting of Cadre review, etc.
When Atomic Energy Workers & Staff union was not getting recognition, vetern trade Union leader late com. Samar Mukharji and his intervention in the parliament made possible to award recognition Com. Jayaraj was directly interacted with many veteran Trade Unionists Com. Samar Mukharji, Com. E. Balanandan, Com Dr.  M.K.Pandhe, Com. Sukumol Sen, Com.S.K.Vyas, Com. Thpan Sen M.P, Com. A.K. Padmanabhan, Com.  Dr. Vivek Monterio, Prof. Thekkedath, Com K.K.N.Kutty,  Com.M.Krishnan,  etc.
It was a historical struggle of DAE employees located at Mumbai on housing issue; workers were worried to get a govt. accommodation even after waiting for 18 years. The unpleasantness has started among the employees since 1989. They were struggling with grown up children who stay in a single room sharing accommodation and other side influenced officers were given accommodation in out -of -turn manner. It was a stepmother treatment that even all are facing shortage of accommodation; training school officers were given undue advantage at the cost of lower level employees. Even the flats constructed for lower level staff were carved out to accommodate officers. All this was modifications were with the support of Sundaram committee.
Under the joint Action committee and Co-ordination committee protests were started during the year 1991 - 1992. Demonstrations were held at Anushaktibhavan. Children with family members were marched to DAE started cooking at the Anushaktibhavan. Small kids were put in cradle.  Late Com. Ahalya Rangnekar was always a confidence building personality to all these agitations. She had shown a motherly approach to the women who participated in these action programmes. The Department was not ready to accept the demand. Finally the action committee has decided to sit indefinite hunger strike. 3 comrades from BARC one from DCSEM sat on hunger strike. Com. Jayaraj was one among them and the hunger strike was continued for 9 days.
The hunger strike was reason for halt all activities of Department in Mumbai. Employees were on the road with their family members. Processions were started from both East & west Anushaktinagar. Bus services were hit. Inside BARC employees totally parallelized and started to assemble in front of Central Complex. Political parties are sent their representations to show solidarity to the striking employees. Shri. SuryakantMahadit from Shivsena.  AhalyaRangnekar from CPIM, Congress MP all were visited the agitation site. On 9th day the Hunger strike has end with the intervention of Hon. Supreme court. The Agitation resulted formation of Saundra Sharma Committee to consider the views of the Union, Construction of more than 1500 lower category flats in the township, brought the total transparency in the system of allotment.
Com Jayaraj is a good organizer. It was his in-depth effort to form a Federation to bring all the working class of DAE to one shade. In the year 1997 the All India Atomic Energy Employees co-ordination committee was converted into the National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE). Com Ravindra Shukla was the founder president of NFAEE and Com. G.B.Dandekar was Secretary General with a Strong assistant Com. Jayaraj as organizing Secretary.
In the year 2002 he become the Secretary General of NFAEE and continued 15 years in the post and relieved form the post in the 6th All India Conference held at Hyderabad in December 2017.
He took initiative to bring DAE employees under the banner of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers also. From 1997- 98 onwards he was actively involved in the Central Government Employees Co ordination Committee Mumbai and become National  Executive Committee member  in the year 2008 and then Organising Secretary. In the last Chennai Conference Com. Jayaraj elected as the Assistant Secretary of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers.
He retires from the service after rendering service of 34 year and 9 months. He was in the union activities in the DAE almost 29 years.

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