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Ref:  CIRCULAR NO. 20                                                                                                           DATED – 31.10.2014

Dear Comrades,

                We send herewith copy of the letter from the Secretary, Staff Side, JCM intimating of the decision taken by the Staff Side to hold a National Convention at New Delhi on 11th December, 2014.  We have already placed the said letter in our website.  The decision is the outcome of the efforts the Confederation representatives in the Staff Side of the National council and must be considered a step in the right direction in pursuance of the Charter of demands, especially the important issues like wage revision, interim relief, merger of DA, scrapping of the new Pension scheme, privatization, outsourcing etc.  As indicated in the letter of the Staff side Secretary, the staff side is likely to meet in the second fortnight of November, 2014 to finalize the draft declaration and the programme of action.  We shall place the draft declaration on our website as and when the same is finalized.

                Confederation is entitled to deploy 220 delegates to participate in the convention.  We have decided to invite the Confederation of Central Government officers organizations also to participate in the convention.  The quota of delegation for the major affiliates and State Committees are indicated in the table given below.  All other affiliates and State Committee may deploy three delegates (each) to participate in the convention.  The Convention is being held at MPCU Shah Auditorium, Sree Gurjarathi Samaj, Raj Niwas Road, Civil Lines(Opposite Civil Lines Metro Station), Delhi, The Convention  will commence at 12 Noon and will be concluded by 4.00 PM on  11th December, 2014.  

                The timings have been so arranged to enable the comrades to reach in the morning of 11th and if necessary to return on the same day.  The delegates  are requested to make their own arrangements for stay etc,if they wish to be at Delhi earlier or later of the day of the convention.  The venue is well connected by Metro Line and from the Civil Lines Station, it is walkable distance only. Kindly ensure that the tickets for onward and return journey for the participating delegates are booked well in advance. 

                With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

Secretary General.

Encl: Copy of Staff Side letter (CLICK HERE)

Quota for affiliates for National convention of JCM (Staff Side)

Sl. No. 
Delegates No.
All India Audit & Accounts
 National Fedn. of Atomic Energy
 All India Civil Accts. Emp,. Assn.    
All other affiliates: Each
 Bengal State Committee
Andhra Pradesh
Maharashtra - Mumbai
All other State Committes Each
Confederation of Central Govt. officers organizations.



            History of Central Government Employees reveals that Government has taken undue advantage to deny the justified demands of the Central Government Employees, whenever there was disunity among the JCM staff side organizations. On the contrary, whenever staffside stood solidly united the Government was compelled to concede the legitimate rights of the employees to a great extent.

            After Fifth  Pay Commission recommendations, the JCM National council staffside submitted to Government a common charter of demands for modifications of the recommendations of the Pay Commission, which included upward revision of fitment formula and removal of certain glaring anomalies. When Government refused to concede it , notice for indefinite strike was given and finally the Government had to appoint a high-power Group of Ministers Committee under the chairmanship of then Home Minister Shri.Indrajith Gupta and negotiated with the staffside.  In the negotiations also the staffside took a united uncompromising stand which ultimately resulted in Government accepting the demand for 40% fitment formula and some other important demands.

            Unfortunately, when the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations were  submitted to Government, the JCM National Council Staffside miserably failed to take such a firm and united stand and no serious agitational programme was conducted demanding modification of the retrograde recommendations. Instead the dominant leadership of JCM staffside took a compromising stand and depended only on negotiated settlement , without mobilizing the entire rank and file membership behind the demands. Ultimately Government took advantage of this weakness of the leadership and unilaterally announced the implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations, without conceding majority of the genuine demands raised by the staffside during negotiations. Faulty formula adopted for calculation of  Need Based Minimum Wage , glaring disparity in fitment and fixation formula between lower level officials  and Group- A officers, unscientific pay band and grade pay system and serious anomalies arising out of it , MACP anomalies   everything remained as such  which could not be settled even after seven years.

            Again , when the Government announced the New Contributory Pension Scheme with effect from 01.01.2004 for the new entrants in Central Government Services without any consultation with the JCM National Council Staffside, the dominant  leadership of the JCM staffside did not protest and kept silent. This has emboldened the Government to go ahead with the implementation of the neo-liberal pension reforms. Had the entire JCM Staffside including Railways, Defence and Confederation taken a united stand to oppose the New Pension Scheme and given call for serious agitational programmes including indefinite strike the Government would not have dared to implement the NPS. Of course , Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers opposed the New Pension Scheme and has gone to the extent of conducting one day strike. JCM leadership raised the demand for roll-back of NPS after a very long time and by that time Government succeeded in fully implementing the scheme.

Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers has always stood for unity among the Central Government Employees .When confederation submitted a 15 point charter  to the UPA Government in 2011 demanding appointment of 7 th CPC , 5 year wage revision , Merger of 50% DA, Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks under 7th CPC etc, the  other major organizations in the JCM were not ready to raise the demands in 2011. Finally confederation was forced to go it alone and conducted series of agitational programmes including Parliament March, one day strike and two days strike. Of course, the lonely struggle conducted by confederation represented the mood of the entirety of Central Government Employees and ultimately the Government was compelled to announce constitution of 7th CPC in the month of September 2013.
                        Now NDA Government which came to power after General   Election has rejected all the main demands of the Central Government Employees which includes merger of DA , Interim Relief , Date of  effect  from 01.01.2014 , inclusion of GDS in the terms of reference of 7th CPC ,scrapping of New Pension Scheme etc. Further Government declared 100% FDI  in Railways and Defence. Public Private Partnership in Railways was also announced in Railway budget. More than five lakhs posts are lying vacant in various Departments out of which about 2.5 lakhs vacancies are in Railways alone. The UPA Government has unilaterally announced the terms of reference of the 7th CPC rejecting the draft proposal submitted by JCM staffside.  The memorandum submitted by JCM staffside to the NDA Government for grant of merger of DA and Interim Relief also was totally neglected. The JCM Staffside leadership could not do anything and the employees are suffering. In fact the JCM staffside has become a laughing stock among the employees and its credibility in the eyes of the employees has eroded like anything.

                        It is in this background , eventhough belatedly , the JCM National Council Staffside has decided to organize a National Convention at New Delhi on 11th December 2014 , to discuss and finalise its strategy to combat the above humiliation meted out by the Government . Better late than never. The decision is well received by the entire Central Government Employees and they are eagerly waiting for the outcome of the convention.

                        NFPE  firmly believes that if the present unity among the JCM staffside organizations is not channelized for building up united struggle including indefinite strike of entire Central Government Employees the National Convention will become a futile exercise and an eye-wash to cool down the growing discontentment among the employees. This shall not happen. We firmly believe in the slogan raised by our late legendary leader Com K.G.Bose- i.e  “UNITY FOR STRUGGLE AND STRUGGLE FOR UNITY”. Such a stand alone can restore the lost glory of the fighting potential of the Central Government Employees and also shall regain the lost faith of employees in the JCM staffside leadership. We cannot be a party to any compromise on the genuine and justified demands of the workers. Let us hope that the JCM staffside leadership shall rise up to the occasion.

Ban on creation of Plan and Non-Plan posts - Finance Ministry

Early Closure of Offices on 30th October, 2014 in connection with the “Run for Unity” flag off at Vijay Chowk by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

No.12/17/2014-JCA 2 
Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions 
(Department of Personnel and Training)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 29th October, 2014


Sub: Early Closure of Offices on 30th October, 2014 in connection with the “Run for Unity” flag off at Vijay Chowk by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

In connection with the arrangements for the “Run for Unity” flag off at Vijay Chowk by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 31st October, 2014, it has been decided that the Government offices located in the buildings indicated in the Annexure I to this O.M would be closed early at 14:00 hrs. on 30th October, 2014 (Thursday) and will remain closed till 09.30 AM on 31st October, 2014 (Friday).
2. The buildings indicated in the Annexure II to this O.M would be closed early at 14:00 hrs. on 30th October, 2014 (Thursday) and will remain closed till 08.00 AM on 31st October, 2014.

3. Government offices located in Rashtrapati Bhawan and Parliament House would remain closed from 10.00 PM on 30th October, 2014 (Thursday) till 9.30 AM on 31st October, 2014 (Friday).

4. Hindi version will follow.

(Ashok Kumar)
Director (JCA)

List of Buildings to be closed from 14:00 hrs. on 30th October, 2014 (Thursday) till 09.30 AM on 31st October, 2014 (Friday).
1. South Block
2. North Block
3. Rail Bhawan
4. CSIR Building
5. Krishi Bhawan
6. Shastri Bhawan
7. National Archives
8. Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
9. National Media Centre
10. Shram Shakti Bhawan
11. Hutment(MOD Office), Dalhousie Road & on K. Menon Marg
12. DRDO Bhawan
13. Vayu Bhawan
14. Sena Bhawan
15. Udyog Bhawan
16. Nirman Bhawan
17. Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan (MEA Office)
18. National Museum & ASI Office
19. Archaeological Survey of India
20. Vigyan Bhawan
21. Vigyan Bhawan Annexe
22. CCA, Min. of Agriculture, 16-A, Aldbar Road.
23. Raksha Bhawan
24. National Stadium
25. Hyderabad House
26. Coast Guard HQ.
27. Baroda House
28. National Gallery of Modern Art

List of Buildings to be closed from 14:00 hrs. on 30th October, 2014 (Thursday) till 08.00 AM on 31st October, 2014 (Friday).

1. Transport Bhawan
2. RBI
3 Yojna Bhawan
4. Sardar Patel Bhawan
5. Nirvachan Sadan
6. Punjab National Bank Building, Patel Chowk
7. Akashwani Bhawan/AIR Sansad Marg
8. Dak Bhawan
9. Sanchar Bhawan
10. Jeevan Tara Building
11. Jeevan Deep Building
12. Jeevan Vihar Building
13. SBI Building


DOPT calls for proposal for regularisation of Casual Labours with Temporary Status (CL-TS) from Ministries / Departments

F.No.49014/3/2014- Estt(C)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block
Dated 16th October,2014

Subject: Regularization of Casual Labour with Temporary Status(CL-TS)-Proposals fromMinistries/Departments on -regarding.
The undersigned is directed to say that Casual Labourers (Grant of Temporary Status & Regularisation), Scheme of Government of India, 1993, circulated vide DOPT OM No. 51016/2/90-Estt(C) dated 10.09.1993, stipulated conditions for grant of temporary status and regularization of services to the persons recruited on daily wage basis in the Central Government Offices as on 10.09.1993. It was held in the Mohan Pal Case SLP (Civil) No. 2224/2000 that the Scheme of 1-9-93 is not an ongoing Scheme and the temporary status can be conferred on the casual labourers under that Scheme only if they were inemployment on the date of the commencement of the scheme and they should have rendered continuous service of at least one year i.e. at least 240 days in a year or 206 days (in case of offices having 5 days a week). The Scheme inter-alia provided for regularization of CL-TS against Group `D’ posts.
2. Following the acceptance of the recommendation of the 6th CPC, all Group D posts have been upgraded to Group C posts. Recruitment to erstwhile Group `D’ posts placed in Group ‘C’, PB-1, Grade Pay ‘1800/- (non technical as MT Staff) is now made only through Staff Selection Commission and minimum educational qualification for appointment is Matriculation or ITI pass. Regularisation of CL-TS therefore cannot be done by theMinistries/ Departments on their own and requires relaxation of para-8 of the Appendix to the O.M. dated 10.09.1993.
3. This Department vide O.M No. 49011/31/2008-Estt(C) dated 17th February,2009 had requested all Ministries/ Department to provide information relating to CL-TS on their rolls. Information relating to 231 CL-TS was received from 29 Ministries/Departments which were processed. Since then this Department has been receiving proposals piece-meal from different
4. Department of Expenditure have now advised this Department that in order to avoid piece- meal examination of such proposals, a consolidated proposal for regularization of all such remaining CL-TS who were on the rolls of the Ministries/Departments on 10.09.1993 and yet could not be regularized may be forwarded to them for further consideration/examination. Therefore, all Ministries/Departments are requested to review the position at their establishments and send a consolidated proposals for regularization of services of such remaining CL-TS on their rolls (including attached/subordinate and autonomous bodies), if any, latest by 30.11.2014 to this Department in the enclosed format. It may be ensured that complete information in respect of the Ministry/Department and its Attached/Subordinate Offices is sent. The information may also be sent by e-mail(in MS Word) at

Telefax: 23093179

7th Central Pay Commission’s visit to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh from 12th to 13th November, 2014

7th Central Pay Commission’s visit to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh  from 12th to 13th November, 2014

Commission’s visit to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The Commission, headed by its Chairman, Justice Shri A. K. Mathur, proposes to visit Shimla, Himachal Pradesh from 12th to 13th November, 2014. The Commission would like to invite various entities/associations/federations representing any/all categories of employees covered by the terms of reference of the Commission to present their views.

Your request for a meeting with the Commission may be sent through e-mail to the Secretary, 7th Central Pay Commission at The memorandum already submitted by the requesting entity may also be sent as an attachment with this e-mail.

The last date for receiving request for meeting is 7th Nov. 2014 (1700 hours).


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

7th CPC visit to Mumbai from 6th November, 2014 to 8th November, 2014

Percentage of women in the Government Service and age limit for entering the Govt service

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions was requested to answer the following questions regarding status women employees in Central government services. Singh Shri Bhola M.P (Question No.4934) has raised the following questions in Parliament.
(a) The percentage of women in the Government service and the increase in percentage during the last three years;
(b) Whether the Government has taken/ contemplating to take any policy decision to encourage women to join Government service and if so, the details thereof;
(c) Whether in several competitive examinations, the maximum age limit for general candidates is 27 years and if so, the details thereof;
(d) Whether there is a need for increasing the maximum age limit for women for entry in theGovernment service; and
(e) If so, the details thereof and the measures taken in this regard?
In his reply to the above questions the Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Shri .DR. JITENDRA SINGH submitted the following answer in Lok Sabha on 13.08.2014
(a): Details of percentage of women in Government service over the years, as per the Census of Central Government Employees, 2012, released by Directorate General Employment & Training are at Table-1 in the Annexure.
(b): In order to encourage the women to join Government service, they are provided some special facilities as under:
(i) maternity leave (ii) child care leave (iii) child adoption leave (iv) special allowance to women with disability (v) provision of crèche facility (vi) posting of husband and wife at the same station (vii) special priority in allotment of residential accommodation (viii) provision for protection of women from acts of sexual harassment (ix) age relaxation for appointment to widows, divorced woman and woman judicially separated from their husbands and who are not remarried (x) special dispensation for woman officers of All India Services of North East cadre (xi) change of Cadre in case of marriage of All India Service Officer and (xii) exemption from payment of fee for examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and Staff Selection Commission.
Also, as per the recommendations of the 62nd Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee, publicity to encourage women to prefer/ join Government Service is being given.
(c): The upper age limit for general candidates for entry in the Government Service is as at Table-2 of the Annexure.
(d) & (e): There is a provision for age relaxation for appointment in Government service for Widows, divorced Women and Women judicially separated from husbands and not re- married, upto 35 years for posts of Group C filled through Staff Selection Commission/ Employment Exchange (upto 40 years for members of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes).


    Total No. of employees                    (in lakhs)
No. of Women employees    (in lakhs )


Age Limits
Posts having Grade Pay more than Grade Pay Rs.7600/-
Preferably below 50 years
Posts having Grade Pay Rs.7600
50 years
Posts having Grade Pay Rs.6600
40 Years
Posts having Grade Pay Rs.5400
35 Years
Posts having Grade Pay Rs.4200, 4600 and 4800
30 Years
Posts having GP Rs. 1800, 1900,  2000,  2400 and 2800
Between 18 and 25 years

Note: The upper age limit for recruitment by the method of Direct Open Competitive Examination to the Central Civil Services and Civil posts specified in the relevant Service/ recruitment rules shall be increased by two years.