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Exemption from payment of examination fee and application fee in respect of Persons with Benchmark Disabilities .......

AIDEF Special Circular & Minutes of the meeting with Secretary, Department of Defence Production .. etc,.


Ordnance Factories strike called off ........

Seminar conducted on the draft National Education Policy 2019 by the South Andaman Teachers' Branch of the Non-Gazetted Govt. Officers' Association, A & N Islands

3-13/CC/2019                                                                                                       11.08.2019

The South Andaman Teachers’ Branch (SATB) of the Non-Gazetted Govt. Officers’ Association organised a Seminar on the Draft National Education Policy 2019 on 10 August, 2019 at the Auditorium of the Tagore Govt. College of Education, Port Blair. Inaugurating the Seminar Dr. Swapan Kumar Biswas, Associate Professor, JNRM appreciated SATB for the initiative and underlined the need for more discussions on draft education policy as this Policy in its final form will decide the direction of the Nation in the next 10-20 years. Focussing on various proposals on higher education, Dr. Biswas expressed apprehensions on the proposed corporate funding and self financing  of institutions for higher education. Shri Harish Chandra Rai, Vice Principal, GSSS Haddo presented his views on the proposals for School Education and expressed the need for stress on the ‘Content’ of School Education. He also said more importance should be given to Indian values and thinking in School Education.

In her Keynote address, Smt. Sudha Sundararaman an educationist and Vice President of the All India Democratic Women’s Association, New Delhi said the Central government should finalise the National Education Policy after incorporating various amendments proposed by Teachers Organisations, Trade Unions and Student Organisations. She said, the draft was prepared by a committee where majority were non-academicians and is not based on realities of the nation. She further said, while formulating the policy, the experiences of educationally advanced states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. were not taken into the account. There is an attempt to dilute the federal nature of education and the proposed National Education Commission will result in more Centralisation and politicisation of Education.  Smt. Sudha Sundararaman welcomed the proposal in the draft to extend Mid-day meal scheme to Pre-primary and upto Senior Secondary stage but criticized the proposal in the draft to close down schools with less than 30 children.

Shri K.G.Das, Former General Secretary of the Association also expressed his views on the Education policy and expressed serious concern over the corporatisation of Education sector making the educational institutions as a money making business. Shri Varguneshwaran, a B.Ed. student while presenting his views on the National Education Policy whole heartedly welcomed the proposed changes in the draft policy for the recruitment method of teachers.

In his concluding presentation, Shri T.S.Sreekumar, General Secretary of the Association expressed apprehensions on certain proposals of the draft. He said proposals like closing of small schools and self financing for institutions etc. are detrimental to the interests of far flung remote areas like Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Shri R.D.Yadav, Vice President, SATB welcomed the gathering and Shri P.Jay Murthy, Organising Secretary, SATB proposed the Vote of Thanks. The programme was compered by Shri S.L.Vinjit, Secretary, South Andaman Teachers’ Branch.

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No.Confdn/Genl/2016 -19                                                                  dated 18th August 2019
FROM 20.08.2019 TO 19.09.2019.
Dear Comrades , 

            As already communicated in Confederation's circular dated 01.08.2019 (published in website and also sent by post to all Affiliated Organizations , COCs and National Secretariat Members), the National Secretariat of Confederation  of Central Govt Employees and Workers has decided to extend full support and solidarity to the one month long All India Strike of all Defence Employees Federations/Unions/Associations from 20.08.2019 to 19.09.2019. In addition we have published in website in August 2019 itself,  three important documents relating to Defence Employees strike including propaganda materials published by All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF). Unfortunately, it has come to our notice that whatsApp messages are circulated from certain quarters, as if nothing related to Defence Employees Strike is there in the Confederation website.
               As already mentioned in Confederation circular dated 01.08.2019 and also in the three important documents published in website, the main demand of the strike is  "withdraw the decision of the NDA Government to corporatize/privatize Ordnance Factories"  The decision of the Govt to corporatize/privatize Ordnance Factories will adversely affect the job security of about 40000 defence employees working in these factories, as happened in BSNL after Telecom Corporatization. Further it is against the interest of our Nation also. Govt has also made it clear that in the 100 days action programme of Communication Ministry,  in addition to already formed Postal  Savings Bank Company (India Post Payments Bank) another company called Postal Life Insurance (including Rural PLI ) will be formed in Postal Sector as recommended by Task Force Committee Report. Closure orders of 12 Govt of India Printing Presses issued by the previous NDA Govt is not yet withdrawn. 

             In Railways also privatization of Coach/ Engine production centres , closure of all Railway Printing Presses, running of two private  (Rajadhani type) Passenger trains are included in the 100 days action programme. In the coming days more and more privatization and outsourcing/closure of Central Govt functions and Departments are going to take place as a part of "BIG BANG" reforms declared by Modi-2 Government.  The Defence Employees Federations have taken a bold and historic decision to heroically fight back the Corporitization / privatization policy of the Central Government. 

            Confederation National Secretariat once again calls upon all its Affiliates and State/District COCs to organize mass demonstrations in front of all Defence Establishments and at all important centres from 20.08.2019 onwards, extending full support and solidarity to the striking Defence Employees. It is also requested to extend all help to make the strike a thundering success by forming Strike Aid  Committees, organizing public meetings, protest rallies etc., jointly with Central Trade Unions and other like - minded organizations .
      Fraternally yours

Secretary General 
Mob : 09447068125.


Friday, August 16, 2019

Review Petition filed by Govt of India regarding 'grant of notional increment for pensionary benefits to those who retired or retiring on 30th June' --- SLP DISMISSED by Supreme Court on 08-08-2019 ....


Friday, August 2, 2019


More autonomy for OFB under planned corporatisation but job security to go --

The Centre wishes to restructure the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) to perform on the lines of global giants like Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. Amidst growing discontent among employees of the 41 ordnance factories across the country against plans by the government of India to corporatise the Kolkata-based OFB, TOI gets access to a document that outlines the plans for the future. 

While this restructuring will result in greater autonomy and lesser government control for the OFB Corporation, there will be a big question mark on job security. While the government of India (GoI) will pay the salaries and other emoluments for the first five years after corporatisation, the Corporation will have to earn enough to bear these costs thereafter. Those with more than 15 years of service left won’t be entitled to pension and the government will also fund a Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for employees. 

“All existing employees and officers of OFB will be on deputation for five years to OFB Corporation. Salaries and perks as per existing rules with increase in DA from time to time and 7th CPC recommendations and other emoluments may be given till next five years. All employees will be given 5 years extra benefit for exercising the VRS Option. That means any employee with 15 years of service as on the date of formation of Corporation can get full pensionary benefits. VRS scheme would be funded by GOI,” the document states. 

So far as funds are concerned, working capital for the next five years will be provided by the department of defence production (DDP) as a one-time corpus fund. Capital investment for ongoing and sanctioned projects will also be provided. 

According to the plan, the OFB at the board level will be given the status of a Maharatna Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) and will perform as a holding company with the freedom to reorganise the ordnance factories and other units under its control. This internal restructuring will be examined by a reputed external consultant. OFB will also be allowed to forge partnerships with the private sector as per the ministry of defence’s approved policy. It may also forge joint ventures (JVs) with 49% equity of the government of India. 

“While the OFB chairman will be given suitable representation in defence procurement and the defence procurement board, the corporation shall have the mandate to foray into allied business like Homeland Security and Space-based Warfare. All assets will be owned by OFB Corporation and it shall be free to offer its employees and board of directors an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP),” it has been stated. 

OFB will continue to receive orders from the country’s security forces on a nomination basis for products it now supplies and for new ones for which it is the designated agency. For make and buy and make category products, OFB will be granted a special preference of 15% above L1 price. In case of losses, the Centre shall support OFB by way of loan for 30% of the total shortfall and by way of equity investment for balance 70% of the amount. The government will also take care of liabilities like pension arising out of the current serving employees. The government will ensure that there is no political interference in the functioning of the OFB and will provide sovereign guarantee for raising of loans. Government orders shall also cease to be applicable to OFB unless the same is considered appropriate by OFB.

“Principle of empowerment requires that OFB should be allowed to take decisions in a business-like manner and is accountable for its performance. At the same time ministry should not interfere with the functioning of OFB,” the document states.