Monday, May 23, 2011

Confederation Circular No.11

Dear Comrade,
Placed hereunder is the Circular letter No.11 dated 23rd May, 2011.
A-2/95,Manishinath Bhawan,Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027
011-2510 5324: Mobile: 98110 48303

Dated: 23rd May, 2011

Dear Comrade,
Postponement of Sectt. meeting scheduled for 11.06.11.
As per the decision taken at the last meeting, the Sectt. is to meet
on 11th June, 2011 to review the implementation of the decision taken.
As you are aware, the National Federation of Postal Employees along
with other organizations in the Postal Department has decided to
embark upon an indefinite strike action commencing from 5th July, 2011
against some of the policy decisions taken by the Department
endangering the job security of the employees They are already on a
campaign trail to mobilize members to carry out the vital agitational
programme We appeal all affiliates and COC to advise their members to
provide all assistance and support to the Postal workers in their
struggle. We shall in a few days' time intimate you the nature of
solidarity programme we propose to mount in support of the striking
postal workers. In view of this development, it has been decided to
postpone the meeting scheduled for 11th . The meeting will be
convened after the strike action in July, 2011. The date and venue of
the meeting will be intimated later.
The New PFRDA Bill
As has been intimated in our last circular letter, the Government has
introduced the new PFRDA bill in the Parliament with the support of
the constituents of the NDA. The bill is likely to come up for
discussion and enactment in the monsoon session of Parliament.
Earlier in a joint Convention along with the All India State
Government Employees Federation and the School and College Teachers
Federation we have decided to embark upon a day's strike action as and
when the Government makes fresh attempt to enact the said legislation.
Barring the three left ruled States, all State Governemnts had
endorsed the new Pension scheme denying the statutory defined pension
benefit to its employees. The entire pension fund so garnered would
be made available for stock exchange operation on the specious plea of
fruitful investment of the funds. The monsoon session of the
Parliament is likely to commence in Mid July and end in Mid August. We
are discussing the issue with the leaders of the AISGEF and others.
In the meantime, we request the affiliates and the State Units to
unleash a powerful campaign amongst the members against the Bill so
that by the time we take a decision to organize the joint strike, we
would be able to be acquit ourselves creditably by eliciting the
largest participation of the CGEs in the action.

Committee of National Council
Meets on pension demands.

To discuss the pension related demands the committee of the National
Council JCM met on 18th May, 2011. The meeting was presided over by
the Secretary, Pension in the Department of Personnel and Training.
On behalf of the Confederation, Com. S.K. Vyas, President and Com.
K.K.N. Kutty. Secretary General attended the meeting. We give
hereunder a brief resume of the discussion and decisions on each of
the item subjection to deliberation at the meeting.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.
Action Taken Statement on decisions taken in the earlier meetings:

1.Item No.1.Ex gratia payment to SRPF retirees:
It was pointed out by the Official Side that the judgement of the
Kerala High court is a judgment in personam and therefore it cannot be
applied to the similarly placed personnel. The Staff Side stated that
the Court's decision, though in personam, has the effect in as much as
the clarification issued by the Government on the earlier order has
been struck down by the Court. In the absence of the clarification
and its effect, the staff side said that the order in original has to
be applied and therefore all are to be covered by the judgment. The
Official Side after some discussion agreed to reconsider the matter.
2.Item No.5,11,16 and 23. Extension of benefit of upgraded pay scale
in organized Accounts service for the pensioners notionally with
effect from 1.1.1996.
The Official Side agreed that the proposed with director would be
convened shortly. Com. S.K. Vyas will attend on behalf of the Staff
3. Item No.8.Raising quantum of exgratia to CPF retirees on the lines
of SRPF retirees.
It was stated by the official side that a cabinet note in the matter
has already been submitted to the Government.
4.Item No.12.Raising the family pension in respect of spouses of
Government servants compulsorily retired.
The matter is being examined and no finality has been reached.
5. Item No.14Grant of Fixed medical allowance;
The demand for raising the limit of fixed medical allowance to Rs.
1200/- as has been done in the case of EPF retires by the Labour
Ministry would be referred to the Ministry of Health and would also be
raised in the meeting of the Committee of Secretaries.
6.Item No. 21. Upadating family pension for pre-1986 retirees with
effect from 1.1.1996. This item would be transferred to Department of
Personnel and copy of such transfer letter would be made available to
the Staff Side.
7.Item No.25. Ex-gratia payment to widows of Railway employees retired
on medical invalidation after 20 years. The demand was rejected by
the Finance Ministry on the plea that Kerala High Court's decision
cannot be made applicable with universal application. The Staff Side
explained the issue in detail stating that the demand has emanated
from the decision of the 4th CPC and all widows are entitled for the
same. After some discussion, the official side agreed to re examine
the issue in the light of the discussion in the meeting.
8.Item No.29. Inclusion of NPA in the definition of the term
emoluments. The Staff side provided the copy of the judgement along
with the intervening application of the Jaipur Doctors. It was argued
by the Staff Side that the judgement delivered by the court is
applicable to all intervening applicants. The Official side agreed to
re examine the matter.

Items emanating from the meeting of 7th July, 2010.

9. Item No.1Eligibility of Family Pension to widows/divorced and
unmarred daughters. Clarificatory orders have been issued.
10. Item No.3. Definition of term " emoluments" The Staff Side
demanded that the Dearness relief must be included in the term
emoluments. It was stated by the official side that the Pension
department would not be able to examine the issue. It was therefore
decided to be referred to the Department of Expenditure.
11. Item No.4 to 6. It was agreed that the definition of grave
misconduct would be attempted.
Copy of the reference letter to DOPT would be given to the Staff Side.

Fresh Agenda Item for discussion taken up in the meeting

12.Item No.1.Parity in Pension between past and present pensioners.
The official side did not agree to the demand.
13.Item No.2.Inclusion of Dearness relief to pre 1.9/2008 retirees. Not agreed.
14. Item No.3. Enhancement of insurance coverage The matter is
stated to be under the consideration of the Department of Personnel.
15 Item No. 4. Reimbursement of Expenses of Indoor treatment of
Pensioners living in non CGHS areas. Not agreed.
16. Item No. 6Abnormal delay in the issue of revised PPO in favour of
pre 2006 retirees. Another meeting of various departmental authorities
and banks will take place on 26.5. 11 and the matter is expected to be
sorted out in that meeting.
17. Item No. 7. Revision of Income criterion, for eligibility of
divorced, unmarried and widowed daughters. The demand was to increase
the ceiling limit to Rs. 7000/-. This was not agreed. The Ceiling
limit will remain at Rs. 3500 with dearness relief thereon.
18.Item No. 8Denial of benefit of modified parity. The matter is in
the National Anomaly Committee.
19.Item No. 9Fixed medical allowance at Rs. 1200/- p.m. the matter
would be retried to the Ministry of Health.
20. Item No.10. Pension must be net of The matter has been
referred to the Department of Revenue.
21.Item No.11.Disbursement of pension at the residence in the case of
disabled and sickly pensioners. RBI instruction would be reiterated.
22.Item No.12. Merger of DA/DR with Pay and Pension. Not agreed to.