Thursday, February 28, 2019

Protest demonstrations against non-payment of salary to BSNL Employees ...

          It is very unfortunate that payment of salaries of the Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL for the month of February, 2019 is not made today. 
     All of us are aware that BSNL is not getting permission of the DoT for taking Bank loans. The AUAB has already demanded that the DoT should immediately permit BSNL for taking Bank loans to tide over the crises. 
       However, so far, the DoT has not given the necessary approval. 
     The AUAB has called on the employees to organize demonstrations tomorrow the 01-03-2019, protesting the non-payment of salary and demanding the DoT to immediately grant sanction to BSNL for taking Bank loans. 
     All Circle and District unions of BSNLEU are requested to coordinate with the other constituents of AUAB and to organize the demonstrations successfully.

General Secretary
BSNL Employees Union

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