Thursday, November 24, 2016

CCGEW Mumbai Conference

CCGEW Mumbai Conference was held on 18.11.2016 at the AYKAR SHAMYANA. 

Com. R.P. Singh welcome the delegates. The conference conducted by a presidium of Com. P. M. Worlikar, Ravi Nair, Ajay Patole and Ananda Kumar.

Conference was inaugurated by Com. R.N. Parashar, Asst. Secretary, CCGEW and Sec. General NFPE., Com. Jayaraj KV, Asst. Secretary CCGEW and Secretary General, NFAEE addressed the delegates. Com. RP. Singh presented the working report and Accounts for the period of 2012 to 2015.

Conference adopted unanimously the Report and Accounts.

The conference passed  resolutions against the threat of out sourcing in Film Division and DGS&D and against the transfer of Association office bearers.

Conference elected a new committee with  following office bearers:

R PSingh  Agmark,                      - President 
A Sreedharan BARC,                  - Vice President 
Balakrishna Chalke Postal,        - Vice President
Prashant Chavan Income Tax,  - Vice President 
B D Surve Customs,                   - Vice President 
Manoj Jamadade  Postal,           - Vice president

Ajay Patole Civil Accounts,       - General Secretary

Santosh Nair Income Tax,          - Secretary
S R Singh BARC,                        - Secretary 
Surendra Naik Trademarks,       - Asst Secretary 
Ajay Korla DGFT,                         - Asst Secretary
Anantha Kumar AGs,                  - Asst Secretary 
Amul Sule Civil Accounts cat II, - Asst Secretary
Suresh Nair Income Tax,             - Finance Secretary
B G Lokhande BARC,                  - Org Secretary 
Govind Gaikwad Income tax,      - Org Secretary
R K Padnekar CPWD,                   - Org Secretary 
Vichare  Rehabilitation,               - Org Secretary 
R P Sarang Postal,                       - Zonal secretary
N S Ramarao chanakya               - Zonal Secretary 
Vispute DPS/Store - DAE,            - Zonal Secretary
K G Bilaskar DPS/Purchase -DAE, - Zonal Secretary 
Kalluram Canteen,                         - Zonal Secretary
R T More Filims Dvn,                     - Zonal Secretary
Pradeep Amrute Civil Accounts, - Zonal Secretary 
G P Singh BARC,                          - Zonal Secretary 
S M Sathe RMS,                             - Zonal Secretary 
S Bhukari   Haj Committee,          - Zonal Secretary 
Gaikwad  CGHS,                            - Zonal Secretary.                               
Rajeevan TV,                                  - Auditor

Vote of thanks was given by com. Ajay Patole, the newly elected Gen. Secretary, CCGEW, Mumbai.

Confederation CHQ wishing all success under leadership of the newly elected committee.

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