Wednesday, April 30, 2008

corrigendum to the circular dated 28th April, 2008 of the confederation.

 This is a corrigendum to set right an inadvertent typographical error unfortunately crept in while placing the circular letter of the Confederation at the web page.  We invite your attention to clause 9 to the "Note on issues discussed at the staff side meeting" appearing in page 2 of the circular letter.  This is to replace the words "should not" into "should" i.e. to make the negative meaning of the sentence into positive one.  We reproduce the corrected version of the sentence as under:
                "9. On CGHS.  The Government will be told categorically that the medical insurance scheme as and when introduced should be
                      made optional both for the past and future pensioners and employees"
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
KKN Kutty
Secretary General.

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