Sunday, April 13, 2008

confederation's letter to Staff Side Secretary

Dear Comrade,
Sent herewith is the letter we have written to the Staff Side Secretary for inclusion of certain vital points in his note to the Cabinet Secretary, which is coming up for discussion at the Staff Side meeting slated for 25th inst.  You may kindly go through the same and if any more points are to be included kindly get in touch with through e mail so that your suggestion can be considered.  Your reply should reach us before 20th inst. with greetings, yours fraternally, KKN




CHQ: Manishinath Bhawan A2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi. 110027

Phlone: 25105324

Fax :     25105324


Cell phone: 9811048303


Dated: 13.4.2008



The Secretary,

Staff Side, JCM, National Council,

13-C Ferozeshah Road,

New Delhi-110001.


Dear Comrades,


            Kindly refer to the formulations made to the Govt. on the 6th CPC recommendations, which might be subjected to discussion at the staff side meeting scheduled to be held on 25th instant. We request you to consider the inclusion of the  following issues to be raised with the Govt.


1.                  Minimum Wage:  We should insist that the minimum wage cannot be less than at least Rs.7400/- i.e., 156.2% of Rs.4743.  The resultant MF must be applied to construct the Pay scales.  In other words, the minimum of the Pay Band + Grade Pay cannot be less than 2.9 times of the pre-revised Basic Pay.  This if accepted will restore the  existing parity between the minimum and maximum pay at 1:12.16 with reference to the salary of the Cabinet Secretary and 1:10.8 with reference to the salary of Secretaries[1:11.8 and 1:10.2 respectively of the 5th CPC Scales]

2.                  We cannot agree to any proposal for Corporatisation, downsizing and outsourcing.  We should therefore demand that the Govt. should not accept the 6th CPC suggestion for Corporatisation of Railways and Defence production units.  For the same reasons, we should demand that no Gr.D functions should either be outsourced, contractorised or to be carried out through employment of casual labourers.

3.                  The demand for the continuation of CGHS and other medical reimbursement facilities must be categorically made.  Any new system of health care should be only optional.

4.                  We should ask the Govt. to let us know as to how the reduction of commutation value of Pension has been arrived at.  The calculation of the acturial valuation to be contested by presenting alternate valuation prepared by an expert. The revised valuation table of commuted value should come into effect only after reaching an agreement in this regard. The revival of commuted portion after 12 years has to be insisted, as the Govt. gets back it with interest, after 11 years.

5.                  The replacement of the existing system of Bonus and overtime allowance by incentive scheme is to be opposed.  The adhoc Bonus can only be replaced by PLB and not by PLI.  The Govt. should not accept the 6th CPC suggestion to replace the adhoc bonus with PLI.

6.                  Our per se opposition to PRP concept, as it will be conceived and used as an instrument for indulging in nepotism and favoritism, should be indicated to the Govt.

7.                  The arrears should be paid in one lump sum payment.


With greetings,


                                                                                                             Yours fraternally,






                                                                                                             Secretary General



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