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confederation Circular dated 28th April, 2008

Dear Comrade,
Place hereunder is the confederation circular letter dated 28th April, 2008.



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Dated: 28-04-2008

Dear Comrade,

The National Executive of the Confederation met on 27th inst. The extended meeting along with the office bearers of the affiliated Associations/Federations was held at Hindi Bhavan, New Delhi on the next day i.e., 28th Inst. The formulations made by the Staff side JCM on various important recommendations of the 6th CPC for causing negotiations with the Govt.; the Confederation's letter to Staff-side Secretary, dated 13-04-2008 seeking certain additions/amendments thereto and the outcome of discussions in the staff side meeting held on 25th April., 2008 were the issues that were subjected to deliberations at the meeting.(Please see the Confederation earlier Circular letter for details) The National Executive had the presence of 37 comrades and the extended meeting was attended by 146 comrades. A brief resume of the outcome of discussion at the staff side meeting is appended hereto.

Note on issues discussed at the staff side meeting:

1. Authentic information on prices of various commodities included in the ILC basket would be collected; say from Co-op Society, Govt. agencies.

2. Anomalies arising in the merger of pay scales into a single pay band will be brought out especially in those scales of pay of Cadres where appointment is by direct recruitment either partially or fully.

3. The necessity of altering the pay bands once the minimum wage is negotiated and settled will have to be discussed during negotiation.

4. In the case of Transport allowances, since the CCA has been subsumed, it is necessary that the said allowance is taken into account to reckon the overtime allowance entitlement of the employees ( if not fully-partially-say 50% as CCA is presently taken into a/c for such computation.

5. On the advances being outsourced to Banks, during negotiations the staff side will seek necessary clarification and evaluate the same before a final agreement is reached on this recommendation.

6. Daily allowance: The Govt. would be requested not to insist on production of Bill/Vouchers for local conveyance and food expenditure. It would be proposed that the word reimbursement should be deleted

7. ACP Scheme: The scheme should not be modified detrimental to the existing benefits. The Official side should come out with specific proposal to remove the adverse impact of the VI cpc recommendations. Staff side will present a detailed note on this.

8. Pension: The submissions made to the Secretary (P) by the staff side will be forwarded to the Cabinet Secretary. On commutation value reduction, the staff side will ask for clarification and details to evaluate the recommendation made in this regard. The Staff side will oppose outsourcing the work to Banks

9. On CGHS : The Govt. will be told categorically that the medical insurance scheme as and when introduced should be made optional both for the past and future pensioners and employees.

10. The replacement of the existing adhoc/PLB/overtime allowance with PRIS is not acceptable to the staff side.

11. The Staff Side opposition to the introduction of PRP and contractorization of functions of unskilled labour/Gr.D employees will be spelt out to the Govt. during negotiation.

12. The Staff side will demand that no contribution should be collected from the employees to generate the pension fund to be created as per para 5.1.73 of the Commission's recommendation..

13. The arrears should be paid with interest reckoned from 1.1.2006 to enable the employees to meet the probable Income tax liability.

14. The Stand of the Govt. on the recommendation of the CPC on holidays to be ascertained. The demand for increasing the restricted holidays equivalent to the number of holidays would be raised.

At the end of the discussions it was decided that the Confederation should call upon its affiliates to organize the following programmes of actions in pursuance of the 9 point of Charter of demands:

a) To organize demonstration/mass meetings in front of all offices from 13 to 15th May, 2008

b) To organize a massive Mass Dharna programme at a central place at all stations unitedly by all organizations on 16th May, 2008 and adopt the following resolutions and forward the same to the Prime Minister with copy to the Secretary Staff Side, JCM, National Council, 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi.


This meeting of the ___________hereby resolves to urge upon the Hon'ble Prime Minister to kindly direct the concerned to negotiate and settle the demands of the employees appended hereunder:



1 No abolition of Gr. D Posts; No contractorization of Group D Functions; No Corporatisation of Govt. Departments; No outsourcing or downsizing; lift the existing ban on recruitment; fill up all posts; do not abolish posts.

2 Scrap the new pension scheme; No privatization of pension payments.

3 Restore commutation of pension after 12 years.

4 No privatization of health care; No medi-insurance scheme; Extend CCS (MA) rules to Pensioners; strengthen CGHS.

5 No introduction of PRP based salary system.

6 Grant minimum wage as per ILC norms; reduce the disparity between minimum and maxim salary by maintaining 1:10 ratio.

7 Increase the rate of increment; concede the fitment formula to bring about uniform benefit.

8 No replacement of Bonus and overtime allowance with PRIS; Grant Bonus for 2006-07 on the basis of the revised ceiling limit.

9 Regularize Casual/Contingent/daily rated workers; treat GDS as full-fledged civil servants; afford pension and other benefits to them on par with the other central Govt. employees.

The meeting has concluded that the above programme will have to be followed up with appropriate industrial actions including strike if no satisfactory settlement is brought about through negotiations/discussions. The National Executive will meet to review the course of negotiations and take appropriate decisions.

All affiliates are requested to take all efforts to mobilize the rank and file of the workers to educate them of the serious implications of the recommendations of the CPC, which are in tune with and for accentuating the neo-liberal economic policies of the Govt., manifested more specifically in the following suggestions:

a) to abolish Gr.D posts, which would result in contractorization of Gr. D functions to immorally exploit the agonizing situation emanating from the ever increasing unemployment in the country;

b) Creation of a Pension fund by extracting about 6000 Crores from the exchequer every year, so that huge amount of money is available to the stock market;

c) The concept of Performance related Pay to convert the existing manpower into almost bonded labourers;

d) The elimination of hard earned Bonus as a deferred wage;

e) The introduction of Pay Band and Grade Pay to perpetuate subjugation of employees in a bid to maximize production and productivity;

f) The widened gap between the wages of workers and those in management and higher bureaucratic positions in tune with the theory of the proponents of globalization for providing higher incomes in the hands of creamy layers of the society.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


Secretary General

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