Friday, January 24, 2020

MACP case --

Updates of Final hearing yesterday-

Advocate C.K. Sasi (AOR), who was well briefed by us, argued the case for M.V.Mohanan Nair. Advocates, representing to other respondents also done commendable job. Actually it was a well organised team work.
Amicus Curiae presented the case extremely well. He also submitted a written statement of his arguments to the court. As a result, the court realized the following:

1)There are anomalies in MACP scheme as evident from Minutes of Meeting of Anomaly Committee.  
2)These anomalies are affecting Group B & C employees and no impact on Group A.
3)These anomalies have lifelong impact.

Arguments have been completed and the case is now reserved for orders. We expect a judgment allowing MACP on promotional hierarchy.

= Com.T.K.R.Pillai
All India Organizing Secretary

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