Sunday, November 3, 2019

NCCPA 4th AIC held successfully!

Jaipur Geetha Bhawan the venue of foundation conference of NCCPA in 2008 has hoisted again the 4th triennial AIC for two days on 1-2 November, 2019. The Reception Committee formed by the CGPA Rajasthan has organized the event in a most memorable manner. 

The inaugural session was presided over by NCCPA President comrade Shiv Gopal Misra. Comrade M.S.Dasora coordinator Pensioners Portal for CGPA Rajasthan nicely anchored the inaugural session. Justice Dave (Retired) as chairman of Reception committee welcomed all. Comrade KKN Kutty SG; comrade  Mukesh Mathur AGS AIRF; comrade VAN Namboodiri Patron; Comrade S.Rahman vice President NCCPA; and Comrade C.L.Mathur Vice President addressed. 

There were 220 Delegates and Visitors from 17 states (other than host CGPA;  Rajasthan)  representing affiliates of State CGPAs and All India Associations. 

In the subjects committee presided over by the presidium of two vice presidents H.N.Joshi and S.Rahman a discussion followed by the submission of Triennial Report by Secretary General and Accounts by the Treasurer comrade Sidhu. In the subjects committee Comrades K.G.Jayaraj GS AIBDPA; K.Ragavendran GS AIPRPA; S.K.Sharma GS Rajasthan CGPA; I.S.Dabas ASG NCCPA; and Prabakaran Nair ASG NCCPA initially addressed on the first day. 

In the second day discussion, 27 delegates deliberated on the Report. Finally after summing up by comrade KKN Kutty SG NCCPA the Report and Accounts were adopted with one or two additions. Constitutional amendment for increasing the number of Deputy SGs from 2 to 4 was accepted. The AIC approved the enhancement of NCCPA annual subscription to 2/- per  member from affiliates; and for increasing the subscription of News Letter to 100/- per year. 

30 resolutions including the Policy and Programme resolution were unanimously approved. 

The following office bearers were unanimously elected for the ensuing term:

List of Office Bearers elected in 4th AIC of NCCPA!

1. VAN. Namboodiri
2. C.L.Mathur
3. R.C.Misra
4. H.N.Joshi

President: Shiv Gopal Misra
Wkg.President: S.S.Roy (WB) 
Vice President: 
S.K.Sharma (Rajasthan) 
S.Rahman (Assam)
T.S.Parameswaran (Kerala)
M.L.Gupta (PNB)
J.P.Dhandre ( Nagpur)

Secretary General: K.K.N.Kutty 

Deputy SG:
Pavithra Ranjan Chakraborti (WB)
K.Ragavendran (AIPRPA)
K.G.Jayaraj ( AIBDPA)
Prabhakaran Nair (Telengana)

C.P.Shobana ( Kerala)
I.S.Dabas ( Delhi)
Ashok Kanti Ghosh (WB)
G.Saharajan (Kerala)
S.Mohandas (Tamilnadu)

Treasurer: H.L.Sidhu (Haryana)
Asst Treasurer: Sadan Banerjee (WB)

Organizing Secretary:
N.Somaiah (Telengana)
Subhash Pandey (U.P)
S.S.Maurya (U.P) 
Y.Nagabhushanam (AP)
K.K.Marotkar (M.P)
H.S.Thakur (M.P)

Auditor: Basudeb Sengupta (WB)

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