Friday, November 22, 2019


Central government is implementing Bibek Debroy report by outright sale of Railways to corporates. Railway will reach the BSNL way if the historic strike of 1974 is not repeated. The need of the hour is greater unity and continued struggle.       Privatisation of Railway means selling out of People,s property 'Railways' through corporations like IRCTC. IRCTC shares are listed in stock market. Handing over trains and activities means privatisation. All the profit making units like production, Goods, tickets (booking and reservation) etc will be privatised. All the concessions season ticket, children, students, blind, cancer,..... above seventy to the tune of forty thousand crores will be cancelled. Govt. will withdraw all the control on price of tickets and Goods movement. Practically people's Railway will become corporate's Railway.     National coordination of Railway Trade unions is organising a National Convention.  Save Railway , Save Nation at Chennai on 22nd November to oppose government's anti labour, anti people policies of Railway Privatisation and to decide future course of agitations. CITU All India General Secretary com.Thapan Sen M.P. will inaugurate the convention. All the workers and people are cordially invited to this convention.

Comradely yours, 
Mathew Syriac 

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