Monday, July 29, 2019

AIRF :: Closure of Railway Printing Presses ...... Letter to Hon'ble Minister for Railways

No.AIRF/174                                                                                                                  Dated: July 26, 2019

Hon’ble Minister for Railways,
Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhawan,
New Delhi
Respected Sir,
Sub.: Closure of Railway Printing Presses – Regarding

Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.2018/RS/Ptg. & Sty./AP/PP/IR dated 04.06.2019

The issue of closure of Railway Printing Presses, being burning one, has been repeatedly deliberated by AIRF at various levels during the last two years. After detailed discussions, including deliberations held in the PNM Meeting of AIRF with the Railway Board on our captioned agenda item(item No.35/2018), it was assured that the following five Railway Printing Presses would not only continue to function, but also be modernized by providing latest printing machinery and plant.
(i) Byculla(CR), (ii) Howrah(ER), (iii) Shakurbasti(NR), (iv) Royapuram(Chennai) and (v) Secunderabad(SCR)

It was also advised to this federation that the workload of those printing presses, other than the above-mentioned five, which are to be closed, would also be transferred to these printing presses. It may also be noted that, Ministry of Railways has spent substantial money with a view to modernize the aforesaid five printing presses as was assured to this federation.
Previously, the undersigned had also discussed this issue with your goodself and you also assured that, five printing presses would be allowed to function with due modernization thereof to cater the requirement of various money value and other items used in the Railways. To our utter surprise, Railway Board had issued above referred to letter, vide which it was communicated to close the remaining five printing presses which were to continue functioning as per assurance given to this federation. You may also appreciate that, the above orders have been issued in total disregard of your personal assurance given to us on the subject. This action of the Railway Board tantamounts to complete breach of negotiated settlement, and it is further regretful that, your personal assurance, to continue five printing presses, quoted above, has also not been honoured. This would definitely result in shaking of trust and credibility of the Railway Administration, as the assurance, given at the MR’s level, is also not honoured in the instant case.

We, therefore, request your goodself to personally look into the matter, so that, the assurance given to AIRF, to continue five printing presses to function, is honoured and implemented.

With Regards,


√Copy to: Chairman, Railway Board, New Delhi – for necessary action please.


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