Tuesday, October 16, 2018


As you are aware Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers has been opposing and fighting against the Contributory Pension Scheme (known as NPS) from the very beginning.

At the time of introduction of NPS, it is only Confederation Confederation, All India State Govt Employees Federation and the Left parties which strongly opposed it. Now a situation has developed that more than 50% of the employees in Central Government & State Government services and also in Central / State Public Sectors are NPS employees and even those Federations / Unions / Associations in the Central / State Govt services who were either confused or kept quite or supported Govt decision to introduce NPS in the initial stage are compelled to change their original stand and started raising  their voice against NPS. 

Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers, as an organization spear heading this struggle, is making intensive campaign against NPS and trying to build up a broad united movement of all like-minded organizations, so that a wider and bigger movement is built up no sooner than later, with an ultimate aim of organizing a nationwide indefinite strike to "SCRAP NPS" in future, if Govt is not ready to change their stand.

For effective campaign and also to expose the hollowness of the claim of the Govt and supporters of NPS, the following details of those NPS employees who have already retired from service is required.

(1) Name in full and Designation at the time of retirement:

(2) Name of the office and Department from which retired.

(3) Date of entry in service.

(4) Date of retirement.

(5) Completed years of service.

(6) Basic pay at the time of retirement.

(7) Amount of Insurance Annuity Pension being received now per month.

The information should be authentic.

All are requested to cooperate  and furnish the above information before 31-10-2018.

Secretary General
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