Monday, October 15, 2018


U.P. State Committee invites you all
at Nishkam Sewa Trust, Bhopalwala, Rishikesh, Haridwar
from 29th to 30th Oct., 2018
Dear Comrade,
            The C.O.C. U.P. State has been given the privilege to host the All India Women’s Trade Union Camp by the National Secretariat of CCGE&W at the pious place of Haridwar to create hundred percent awareness in Working Women towards trade union movements/struggle to build leadership with remarkable feature of the current phase of the labour movement in India, that is the increasing participation of women in trade unions. Female membership of trade unions has risen drastically in the past two decades. Particularly striking is the fact that the tripling of women members took place at a time when male membership actually fell. Surprisingly, such a substantive trend of increasing proportions of women in trade unions has largely-gone unnoticed by commentators even though activists have been commenting on the increasing visibility of women in mass mobilizations, whether of agricultural workers, public sector, Govt. Employees sector or any other section in which women have a sizable presence in the workforce.
            Women constitute half of our population and if they do not come out and work, then our country will never grow at the pace we all envision it to grow.
            In every generation, women have faced some unique, prejudicial challenge. In modern times, as more and more educated young women enter the office space, their chances of facing prejudice, discrimination and predatory behaviour from men - at different occupational levels - have increased. And thus there exists a need for women to speak out for their rights and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each other. Because if you don’t, who will?
            Let’s all recognize the strength women bring to our organisation and empower them even more. If you are ready to raise your voice for your rights, you will find us supporting you at every step of this journey. So we meet at Haridwar in large number to make it grand success.


29-10-2018 – Monday

08.30 AM                     :      Registration and Breakfast
10.30 AM                     :      Flag Hoisting by Com.K.K.N.Kutty, National President.

11.00 AM                     :      Inaugural Session & CLASS - I
Welcome address      :      Com. Virendra Tiwari, Working Chairman, C-O-C, UP.
Presided by                :      Com. Usha Boneppalli, Chairperson, Women’s Sub Committee.
Inaugurated by           :      Com. SUBHASHINI  ALI, Ex.MP
Subject                        :      Indian Working Class - Challenges and Opportunities.
01.00 PM                      :      Lunch

02.00 PM                      :                                   CLASS - II
Subject                         :      Women’s Social Status and Rights in the Indian Society.
Class by                       :      Com: Kirthi Singh,
                                             Advocate, Supreme Court & Convenor, Legal Cell AIDWA.
04.00 PM                      :      All India Women’s Convention
Presentation of Report  :      Com.R.Seethalakshmi, Convenor, Women’s Sub Committee.
Discussion, Reply and Election of New Office bearers of the Women’s Sub  committee.
08.00 PM                      :      Dinner
30-10-2018 - Tuesday

09.00 AM                     :                                        CLASS - III
Subject                        :      Media and Politics.
Class by                      :      Com: T.K.Rajalakshmi (Front Line)

11.00 AM                     :                                          CLASS - IV
Subject                          :      SCRAP NPS & Confederation Charter of Demands -
                                             2019 January 8th & 9th National Strike.
                   Com: K.K.N.Kutty, National President, Confederation, Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation will address.
01.00 PM                      :      Concluding Session.
All Chief Executives of affiliated organisations of Confederation will address this session.
02.00 PM                      :      Vote of Thanks
                                             Com. J.P.Singh, General Secretary,
                                             C-O-C, UP State Committee.
____________ E N D _____________

importance of haridwar

            The pious place Haridwar is situated around 200 Km. from Delhi well connected by Road & Rail network from all parts of India. Propitiously located at the point where Ganga emerges from the Himalaya, Haridwar (literally, ‘Gateway to God’) is Uttarakhand’s holiest Hindu city, and pilgrims arrive here in droves to bathe in the fast-flowing holy river.
            It is believed by devotees that Haridwar along with Ujjain, Nashik and Prayag (Allahabad) is one of the four sites where drops of Amrit - the elixir of immortality - accidentally spilled over from the pitcher while being carried by the celestial bird Garuda. This is manifested in the Kumbh Mela, which is celebrated every 12 years in Haridwar. During the Mela, millions of pilgrims, devotees, and tourists congregate in Haridwar to perform ritualistic bathing on the banks of the holy river Ganga to wash away their sins and attain Moksha. Brahma Kund, the spot where the Amrit fell, is located at Har ki Pauri (“footsteps of the Lord”) and is considered to be one of the most sacred ghat of Haridwar.
            The sheer number of people gathering around Har-ki-Pauri give Haridwar a chaotic but reverent feel. Every evening the river comes alive with flickering flames as floating offerings are released onto the Ganges. One must not miss out on the night boat rides over the gently heaving waters of Ganga. As the Ghats all around the river swell up with music, mantras and temple bells, thousands of floating lamps mirror the night sky and the stars embroidered over its ink.
            The Ghats are especially busy during the yatra (pilgrimage) season from May to October, in particular during July, when Shiva devotees, known as Kanwarias, descend upon the city.
            Haridwar represents a kaleidoscope of Indian culture and development since ancient times. In the sacred writings it has been called with many names, including Kapilsthan, Gangadwar and Mayapuri.
Temples :
            While in Haridwar, one must not miss out on visiting Mansa Devi & Chandi Devi Temples.
            To get to the crowded hilltop temple of Mansa Devi, believed by devotees as a wish-fulfilling goddess, take the cable car. The path to the cable car is lined with stalls selling packages of prasad (a food offering used in religious ceremonies) to bring to the goddess on the hill. One can also decide to walk up the hill (a steep 1.5 km) but beware of prasad-stealing monkeys.
            Many visitors and pilgrims combine this with another cable car up Neel Hill, 4km southeast of Haridwar, to Chandi Devi Temple.


From 28th Oct. evening to 30th Oct. evening. Delegates/Guests/Leaders/Visitors carry their identify proof for registration of accommodation.

Comradely yours

R.N. PARASHAR                    VIRENDRA TEWARY                           J.P. SINGH
Chairman, COC-UP         Working Chairman, COC-UP          General Secretary, COC-UP


The following members of the Reception Committee will arrange all the affairs & business in connection with organisation of All India Women's Trade Union Camp at Haridwar. The delegates/leaders are requested to contact Reception Committee members in case of any inconvenience.

Chairman   :  Com. R.N. Parashar  --           President, COC-UP                     9718686800
Members   :  Com. Virendra Tewary --        Working President, COC-UP      9839195933
                     Com. J.P. Singh --                General Secretary, COC-UP           8005445445
                     Com. S.B. Yadav   --         Treasurer, COC-UP                             7905282373
                     Com. V.B. Pachauri  ---   President AIPEU P-III, UP                    8864963201
                     Com. Chaudhary Anil Kumar --  President P-IV UP                   9058557877
                     Com. Chitra Sen ---     President ITEF UP East                           8005445446
                     Com. Shailendra Bharti --   President ITEF UP West                         
                     Com. Shesh Mani Tripathi ---- Circle Secretary, P-III, UP           9415470850
                     Com. Ajay Tiwari     --       General Secretary, ITEF UP West          
                     Com. Raj Bahadur  --    Cir. Treasurer, P-III UP                           9838177757
                     Com. Vikram Shah --   Cir. Secretary, P-IV UP                            9452024928
                    Com. Y.D. Shukla --     Cir. Secretary, AIPSBCOEA UP  --          9453482413  
                     Com. Gaya Prasad Singh--    General Secretary, Census UP                 
                     Com. Manoj Kumar  --General Secretary, Central Ground Water UP
                    Com. Naresh Chandra Gupta -- Asstt. Treasurer, P-III UP          9415004837
                     Com. Ved Prakash Sharma --Gen. Secretary, GSI                      7786965515
                     Com. S.P. Mishra  --       Gen. Secretary, Kendriya Bhawan          
                    Com. Ashish Kumar   --  Div. Secretary, P-IV, Lucknow Dn.       7607935913
                  Com. Shiv Prakash Mishra --Div. President, P-III, Lucknow Dn.  7388467999
                  Com. Kailash Prasad --    Working President, P-III, UP                 9412015385
                    Com. Rajesh Kumar -- Div. Secretary, P-III, Saharanpur             9457390022
                     Com. Baljor Singh--    Div. Treasurer, P-III, Saharanpur             9759445844
                     Com. Madan Chandra Verma  --  General Secretary, CPWD, UP               
                     Com. Sanjay Pandey --    Secretary, COC-UP, Lucknow ITEF
           Com. Santosh Kumar Pandey--Div. Secretary, P-IV, Lucknow GPO    9450651825
              Com. Arun Kumar Yadav -- Div. President, P-IV, Lucknow Dn.         9450322516
               Com. Pankaj Chaudhari -- Dy. Div. Secretary, P-III, Saharanpur      9997706454
                     Com. Mohd. Rashid    --     Div. Secretary, P-IV, Saharanpur
                     Com. Arvind Agrawal  --   General Secretary, Central Excise
                    Com. S.B. Singh  --   Gen. Secretary, Prasar Bharti, UP, Lko      7985557921
                   Com. Vijay Kumar  --      Div. Secretary, P-IV, Muzaffarnagar        9456080281
                     Com. Arun Kumar --     Div. President, P-IV, Muzaffarnagar       9258960221
                     Com. J.P. Yadav  --       Div. Secretary, P-III, Ghaziabad              9871691911
                     Com. (Smt.) Neelu Gautam --  Asstt. Secretary, COC-UP
                 Com. Mohd. Naeem  --      Div. Secretary, P-III, Bijnore                   9410433310
          Com. Satya Mohan Pokhariyal -- Div. Secretary, P-IV, Bijnore              9412714146
                     Com. Rajeev Verma  --  R/R AIPSBCOEA Bareilly Region         9897525845
                     Com. S.D. Asthana  --   Ex. Treasurer P-IV, CHQ                         9415016132
                     Com. G.P. Dubey --       Ex. Circle Secretary AIAOEU UP           9598166950
                     Com. B.D. Bhatt --       President, COC Uttarakhand                   7300980660
                    Com. Prakash Mawdi -- Convenor, AIPSBCOEA, Uttarakhand   8650824070
                  Com. Pradeep Kumar  --  Div. Secretary, P-IV, Meerut                   9410034140
                     Com. K.K. Singh  --      Asstt. Secretary, COC-UP Lucknow       9415972181
                     Com. Shiv Prasad --    President, P-III, Saharanpur                     9411079987
                     Com. Vivek Srivastava --      ITEF, UP East
                     Com. Gaurav Prakash  --      ITEF, UP East
                     Com. Tej Pal --              Div. Secretary, R-III, Saharanpur            8077409766
                   Com. J.C. Chemwal  --  general Secretary, COC-Uttarakhand     9412955104
                     Com. R.P. Uniyal --      Circle Secretary, P-III, Uttarakhand        7017959860
                     Com. Mamta Saini --    COC-Uttarakhand                                    8909731506
                     Com. D.C. Karke  --      GSI, Uttarakhand                                     9997178133


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