Thursday, June 28, 2018

Confedertion of Central Government Employees & Workers Central Headquarters
Ist Floor, North Avenue Postoffice Building, New Delhi-110001

Ref: Confdn/2016-19                                                                           Dated – 28.06.2018
*     scrap nps.  restore defined benefit old pension scheme (ops) for all employees.
*     settle 10 points charter of demands of confederation.
nationwide  one  day  strike  on  15-11-2018
mass rally at new delhi
on 05th september 2018
central govt. employees, state govt. employees, public sector employees and other class and mass organisations will participate.
Dear Comrades,
                Please refer to the Confederation Circular dated 25-06-2018 wherein the Resolution & declaration, Programme of action and charter of demands adopted in the 10th June 2018 National Convention of Central Govt. Employees are published.  A very big mass rally will be organised at New Delhi on 05-09-2018 along with State Government employees, Public sector employees and other class and mass organisations.  Quota fixed for each affiliate and C-O-Cs are furnished below.  Regarding accommodation etc. for the participants in the rally, each organisation/C-O-C shall make their own arrangements.  Up and down travel tickets of the participants should be booked well in advance.  As State Govt. Employees etc. are also participating in the rally, it will be difficult to get confirmed tickets in the last minute.  All affiliates and C-O-Cs are requested to finalise the delegates of each unit and first priority may be given for booking tickets. For any help at New Delhi, C-O-C, Delhi State Committee may be contacted.
1.     Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee              09868520926
         General Secretary, C-O-C.              09013163804
2.     Com. Giriraj Singh                            09811213808
         President, C-O-C.
Sl.    Name of affiliated organisation/C-O-C           No.of employees - quota fixed
                                                                                                  for mobilising and  
                                                                                            participating in the rally.
1.     National Federation of Postal Employees
         (NFPE)                                                                                       5,000
2.     Income Tax Employees Federation (ITEF)                          1,000
3.     All India Audit & Accounts Association                                   500
4.     All India Civil Accounts Employees Association                   500
5.     National Federation of Atomic Energy
         Employees (NFAEE)                                                                   300
6.     All India Central Ground Water Board
         Employees Association (AICGWBEA)                                     300
7.     Geological Survey of India Employees
         Association (GSIEA)                                                                   200
8.     All other affiliated organisations                                               100    each
9.     C-O-C Delhi                                                                                  500
10.   C-O-Cs UP                                                                                    800
11.   C-O-C West Bengal                                                                    300
12.   C-O-C Kerala                                                                                150
13.   C-O-C Tamilnadu                                                                        200
14.   C-O-C AP & Telangana                                                              300
15.   C-O-C Karnataka                                                                         200
16.   C-O-Cs Maharashtra                                                                   300
17.   C-O-C Odisha                                                                              150
18.   C-O-C Assam & NE                                                                     200
19.   All other state C-O-Cs                                                                 100    each
         All affiliates are requested to allote quota to their lower units immediately.  Please instruct all units to book tickets immediately.
                                                                                       Fraternally Yours,
M. Krishnan
                                                                                      Secretary General,
                                                                         Mob.& Whats App: 09447068125

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