Thursday, September 12, 2013

confederation of central govt. employees & workers
Central Headquarters
1st floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001.
Circular No.5/2013                                                                          12-09-2013
Most Urgent / Important
*  Indefinite Strike  *
Strike ballot - ensure implementation
of the programme among the
employees of All Affiliated
               As a final step before embarking upon a nation wide indefinite strike, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers has decided to conduct strike ballot on 2013 September 25,26 & 27th.  All affiliated organisations and C.O.Cs should take initiative to make the programme cent percent success.  Sample Bllot paper and Appeal along with 15 point charter of demands are published in the Confederation website and also sent by post to all affiliates and C.O.Cs.  Please translate the appeal and charter of demands into local language and distribute it to each and every employee before 23rd September, 2013.  On 25th, 26th and 27th September Polling Booths may be opened in the premises of offices at all centres and ballot boxes may be placed in the booth.  Each and every employee may be requested to cast their vote in the ballot paper by marking “YES” or “NO”.  It is secret ballot and hence name of the employee shall not be written in the ballot paper.  On completion of the voting, the boxes may be opened and votes counted by the office bearers of the affiliated organisations and C.O.Cs.  Total number of employees voted, number of votes in favour of indefinite strike (YES), Number of votes against indefinite strike (NO), Invalid votes etc. should be intimated to the Confederation CHQ through C.O.Cs or where C.O.C. is not functioning through the affiliated organisation on or before 28th September 2013 by email: (Email ID: OR
               Intensive campaign among the employees should be conducted before the strike ballot by organising squad work, distributing pamplets, sample ballot papers, appeals, posters etc. and also by arranging meeting at all centres and offices.
               Awake, arise, unite comrades
               rally round confederation
               we the workers, we the nation
               we are not beggar folks.   
organise! organise!! organise!!!
battle lines are drawn. let us be ready for a final show down.
                                                                             Fraternally yours,

                                                                               M. Krishnan,
                                                                            Secretary General.

NB:   Please see the Circular No.4 regarding quota fixed for All India Trade Union Study Camp & All india Women’s Convention.

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