Saturday, April 24, 2021

Circular no 28/2021




All office bearers of CITU

All state committees of CITU

All general council members of CITU

All industrial federations of CITU


Dear Comrades


Sub: Observation of May Day 2021


It is sad that this year too we have to observe May Day in the midst of the raging second country wide wave of Covid 19 with unprecedented number of infections and deaths across the country.


Despite the predictions and warnings about a second wave and the bitter experience of the huge loss of lives, jobs, incomes, the BJP government did nothing to protect the workers, particularly the migrant workers and unorganised workers. The demands raised by the trade unions, eminent economists and many other sections of the people about cash transfers, free food grains, strengthening public health care etc were all arrogantly brushed aside.


The BJP government has failed in ramping up production and supply of the vaccine for the people of the country. It has neglected to ensure adequate amount of vaccine is available to our people. Instead of ensuring universal free vaccination against Covid 19, the BJP government has now abdicated its responsibility and asked the state governments to buy the vaccine in the open market even while announcing vaccination for all above 18 years from 1st May.


The employers have already started taking advantage of the government orders under Disaster Management Act and are resorting to job cuts, wage cuts and other such attacks on the livelihood and lives of the workers. Most of the state governments remain as indulgent onlookers. Thousands of migrant workers have already started leaving the industrial centres for their native places.


Similar onslaught on the working people have been witnessed during the first wave and are being witnessed during the subsequent waves of Covid, in all the capitalist countries across the world.


Hence, this May Day, in addition to reiterating international working class solidarity, opposing the BJP government attacks on the working class and the toiling people including the attacks on 8 hour working day and other hard won rights of the workers through the labour codes and exposing the inherent exploitative character of the capitalist system and rededicating ourselves to the struggle for a socialist society, we should focus on the following immediate demands of the people:


·         Ensure wages without any cuts are paid to all workers wherever lockdown or curfew are imposed and they are not able to go to work      

·         Any measure by the government imposing restrictions on movement, curfew etc for containing the spread of the virus must be accompanied with strict orders banning retrenchments, wage-cuts and eviction from residences etc to all employers and all concerned; it must be strictly enforced.

·         Cash transfer of Rs 7500 per month for all non income tax paying families

·         10 kg free food grains per person per month for the next six months

·         Ramp up vaccine production and ensure universal free vaccination within a definite time frame

·         Ensure adequate hospital beds, oxygen and other medical facilities to meet the Covid surge

·         Strengthen public health infrastructure including recruiting the necessary health personnel

·         Ensure non Covid patients get effective treatment in government hospitals

·         Ensure availability of protective gear, equipments etc for all health and frontline workers and those engaged in pandemic-management work including ASHAs and anganwadi employees along with comprehensive insurance coverage for them all


All CITU affiliated unions, state committees and industrial federations are requested to ensure that the above demands are effectively raised through placards, festoons and banners while observing May Day.


Covid protocols – wearing masks, maintaining physical distance etc should be strictly followed by all our leaders, cadres, activists and members to safeguard their own health and the health of their comrades, colleagues and family members.


Please send reports of the observance with not only quantitative details but also reflecting the feelings of the workers – their attitude towards the present critical situation and their mood about trade union interventions.


With greetings


Yours comradely

Tapan Sen

General Secretary

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