Tuesday, December 1, 2020



DATED: 01/12/2020 

Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers congratulate the farmers of the country for the determination with which they have decided to oppose the newly enacted Agri-laws in brazen violation of all parliamentary decency, norms and morality.   The enactment inter alia adversely affects the food security, remunerative prices for the farm products, and above all throws the essential commodities needed for the day to day life of the common people to the vagaries of market forces.  The farmers have rightly observed that the only beneficiary of the present enactment is the corporate entities in the agri-business. 

The repressive measures taken by the NDA Government against the agitating farmers and the way in which their entry to the National Capital has been blocked by brutal police force, as stated by various Kisan organisations  and Agricutural Labour Unions is reflective of an authoritarian bend of mind. 

Weathering the intense cold weather conditions presently sweeping the Northern India, lakhs of farmers have camped at the borders of New Delhi. 

 Confederation extends its support and express solidarity with the agitating farmers and are certain that the struggle waged by the farmers is bound to crown victory  and the new enactment would be annulled for bringing about peace in rural India.  



                                                            SECRETARY GENERAL.

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