Wednesday, September 2, 2020

                           IMPLEMENTATION OF RULE - 56(j) & 48(h)

           Today I am putting a very surprising fact.

Yesterday I was on the way to Lucknow. Somebody from Lok Sabha TV called me and requested to take part in debate at 8.30 pm on implementation of rule 56(j) & 48(h) for pre mature retirement. I agreed.

After this he asked how Government Employees are taking it.I said that Governments Employees are not happy with this. Then he asked whether you will oppose this? I said of course we will oppose and protest against this. Then he told me that you should not fully oppose it in debate. I told I will oppose it fully. Then again he asked that some employees will be happy, than I asked him how an employee whose service is being snatched before completion, how he will be happy? 

After that I was dropped from debate.

Now it shows that Government through media want to make an environment by telling so many advantages of premature retirement as I was told that there will be some officers from DOPT and some economists and some experts in debate.

Now all Central government employees should understand the meaning of it. Because Prime Minister gave slogan "Minimum Government Maximum Governess "Many of us thought that he will make his Cabinet as minimum but that is not so. So he will minimise the no of Govt. Deptts and govt. employees.

        So please get ready to face this.

In our govt. employees, there are so many blind supporters of this Government. But they should think very clearly that when this rule will be applied at that time no certificate will be seen by higher officers of the Deptt where you serve.

Last week I met a big leader of ruling party; during discussion he expressed his displeasure over frequent increase of salaries by way of setting of so many Pay Commissions under pressure of Unions. He told that many State Governments are feeling difficulty in payment of salary and pension of govt. employees and Pensioners. Central Government is also in financial hard ship. I was surprised to hear such things from him.

After one week such orders have come from DOPT.

We as Confederation and NFPE will fight against it but participation of employees also very much required to resist and stop such onslaughts.



                 Secretary General

                                                                   Confederation & NFPE

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