Saturday, March 28, 2020


        1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001

  President                                                                                           Secretary General
 RAVI NAIR                                                                                           R.N. PARASHAR
 9969234999                                                                                             9718686800                                                                                      
No. Confd./Covid-19- 2020                                                                       Dated: 28.03.2020

Ms.  Nirmala Setharaman,
Honourable Finance Minister,
Govt. of India,
North Block,
New Delhi-110001

Dear Madam,

              We fully appreciate various decisions taken by the Government of India to combat the menace of the spread of the Covid 19 Virus in the country. The Central Government employees will do their best to ensure that the decisions of the Government are implemented as quickly as possible.

 While acting upon these decisions, our members have brought to our notice certain matters, which we felt appropriate that we should inform you to ensure that the scarce resources are put to the best use.

As the financial year ends on 31st March, 2020, amounts allocated in the budget needs to be utilized within this date. If any expenditure however important that may be  cannot be disbursed within such stipulated time, will have to wait till the allocation of funds in next budget which may be delayed for obvious reason. This will disturb the functioning of various Ministries/ Departments. Further this will create additional burden in next budget. Redundant to say all such important payments are not urgent and can be spent a little later i.e. immediately after normalization of situation.

Now, in practice most of the DDOs will try to prefer the ' bills' to Treasury/ Pay and Accounts Offices within such stipulated period and Pay and Accounts Offices will be under pressure to make payments.  This will definitely disturb the Government endeavour for Social Distancing. On the other side expenditure for huge amount will remain pending.

Under such circumstances we request you to consider allowing the utilization of Budgeted amount for 2019-20 after 31st March, 2020. and within a period considered appropriate by you.

This will enable proper utilization of the allocated amount for this financial year, smoothen the functioning of Departments/Ministries and will help the Social Distancing to a great extent.  

With regards
                                                                                                                          Yours Sincerely
                                                                                                                           (R.N. Parashar)
                                                                                                                        Secretary General

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