Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Central Trade Unions urge repealing of CA Act; … condemns brutal attack on protesters

       The BJP government amidst strong protest in the Parliament had passed Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) to keep away a section of people living in India by striping their right as citizen. They have imposed religious criteria in considering certain sections of people violating provisions of our Constitution. Such discrimination was created to cover up their lapses found in imposition of National Register of Citizenship in Assam and to advance their communal agenda throughout the country. Nineteen Lakh of people in Assam has been removed from the register declaring them as outsiders in India and confined thousands in detention camps where living conditions are inhuman and people are facing death due to lack of health care. The CAA also overturned the carefully balanced agreement arrived in 1985 through Assam Accord. Similar imposition is now being planned in other states where detention camps are being ordered to construct where the workers and particularly migrant workers will be the worse sufferer.

      This ill afford of BJP Govt. has caused wide spread protest in all over the country when three persons were killed in police firing in Assam, students and other people were brutally attacked by police and goons in JNU, AMU, Jamia Milia University, etc. injuring many, also en mass arresting peaceful protesters. Even sanctity of these institutions was breached by police who never bothered to ask permission from the Vice Chancellors. 
      The central Trade Unions anxiously observe that the BJP Govt. is creating discrimination which may division the country and may cause widespread discontent among people irrespective of religion, caste and creeds. This is also being used to deviate attention from the present crisis and to create divide among the unified protest of the working people against the anti people policies of the BJP Govt.

      The Central Trade Unions demand of the Govt. to repeal CAA, not to proceed with NRC and stop police atrocity on the protesters. We call upon all affiliated unions to organise wide campaign among the workers participate to the protest actions.
        INTUC                      AITUC                     HMS                      CITU                        AIUTUC
          TUCC                SEWA                       AICCTU                      LPF                    UTUC

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