Thursday, October 31, 2019


A honourable speech by CMD BSNL to corporate office employees before Diwali. He makes it clear he will not guarantee for salary from next month - his first priority is BSNL not its employees. Further, he says that, the Govt has given the employees an opportunity to leave the job with an attractive ex gratia - only those employees should stay who can justify their salary and are able to do a duty of 12 hour.

He warns that, after 1st January 2020 they all shall see a tough management who will set personal target for each staff - which if not fulfilled then they shall be forced for compulsory retirement. Finally he concluded  that, such a huge number of employees are a burden for BSNL and suggested that, at least 90 k employees who are not justifying their salary must take VRS.

This is last opportunity for them to leave the job with dignity and exgratia.

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