Wednesday, November 14, 2018


O/o The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension) 
Draupadighat, Allahabad-211014

Circular No. 206
Dated: 02/11/2018

Sub: Transfer of pension account from one Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) to another PDA.

Provisions for Transfer of pension account from one Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) to another PDA has been provided in the Defence Pension Payment Instructions (DPPI) as well as Scheme for Payment of Defence Pensions by Public Sector Banks. But, it has been observed that the PDAs are not following laid down procedure in the matter. Hence, the competent authority has decided that following procedure is required to be adopted in the matter.

(i) Pensioner shall submit a simple application (in Part-I of the enclosed formats) along with Pension Certificate (where issued to him) to the PDA from where he is drawing pension at present. A copy of application may be returned to the pensioner duly giving the receipt of the application by the PDA for the records of the pensioner.

(ii) The following documents are required to be forwarded by the existing PDA to the new PDA by registered post. (a) PPO (including all Corrigendum PPOs) and Payment Authority (if any issued) (b) Descriptive Roll/Identification Documents with Photographs. (c) Extract of Payment Register with a certificate thereon indicating the rate of Pension and Dearness relief and date upto and for which last paid. Where the pensioner has been allowed commutation of pension, the PDA should also indicate prominently in the Last Pension Certificate, the date of payment of capitalized value of pension, the date of reduction of pension on account of commutation and the date on which he would complete 15 Years for restoration of his commuted portion of pension. (d) Nomination to receive arrears of pension (e) Option & undertaking furnished by the pensioner for Medical Allowance (f) Pension Certificate (where issued)

(iii) In the current scenario, most of the PPOs are issued e-PPO form. Hence, it has been decided that transferor PDA will forward the documents mentioned above as well as copy of e-PPO received through SFTP from this office duly countersigned by him to the new PDA as per existing system.

(iv) Further payments in continuation of the date upto and for which the pensioner is shown as paid on the Extract of Payment Register, will be arranged by the new PDA.

(v) An intimation regarding the transfer of pension papers should invariably be sent both by the transferor/transferee PDA to the Pr. CDA (Pensions) Allahabad through Form-I/IMP-5(A)/D-II by the transfer or PDA (under Part-II of the enclosed format) and FormII/IMP-5/D-I by the transferee PDA (under Part-III of the enclosed format) as per prevailing procedure by registered post as well as on e-mail ID:

(2) While forwarding Form-I/IMP-5(A)/D-II to this office by the transfer or PDA, following documents are also required to be attached with Formt/IMP-5(A)/D-II:

(i) A consent (in Part-IV of the enclosed format) from the new PDA that after receipt of documents from the existing PDA, his/her pension will be paid after taking on the payment strength of the new PDA. (ii) A leaf of cheque issued by the new PDA duly cancelled in the case of new PDA is Bank.
(3) In the case of change of PDA from Indian Embassy, Nepal to other PDA and vice-versa, existing system for pension file routed through this office and issuance of corrigendum PPO before change of PDA will follow.

(4) This circular has also been uploaded on this office website
 Addl. CDA (Pension)
Click to view the Transfer of Pension Account – Application Format

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