Friday, September 7, 2018


All India Women’s Study Camp will be held at Haridwar on 29th and 30th October, 2018.  C-O-C Uttar Pradesh State has agreed to host the camp.  Delegate fee is fixed as Rs.800/- (Rs. Eight hundred only) per delegate.  Accommodation will be provided from 28th October Afternoon to 31st October 06.00 AM.  Food will be provided only on 29th and 30th.  As Haridwar and Hrishikesh are world famous tourist/pilgrim centres, there will be heavy rush of tourists during the period.  All affiliates/C-O-Cs are requested to instruct the lady delegates to book their travel tickets immediately.  Two months’ time is there, but ticket booking should be given topmost priority.  Quota fixed for each affiliated organisation and C-O-C is furnished below:

          Sl.      Name of affiliate/C-O-C                                                         No. of delegates
          1.       National Federation of Postal Employees
                   and all its affiliates (NFPE)                                                                  80
          2.       Income Tax Employees Federation (ITEF)                                           25
          3.       All India Audit & Accounts Association                                               15
          4.       All India Civil Accounts Employees Association                                  15
          5.       National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
                   (NFAEE)                                                                                                10
          6.       All india Central Ground Water Board Employees
                   Association (AICGWBEA)                                                                      5
          7.       Geological Survey of India Employees Association
                   (GSIEA)                                                                                                  5
          8.       All other affiliated organisations                                                         3  each (minimum)
          9.       C-O-C Delhi State                                                                                15
          10.     C-O-C UP State                                                                                    15
          11.     C-O-C West Bengal                                                                             20
          12.     C-O-C Kerala                                                                                       20
          13.     C-O-C Tamilnadu                                                                                 15
          14.     C-O-C AP & Telangana                                                                        15
          15.     C-O-C Karnataka                                                                                 10
          16.     C-O-C Maharashtra                                                                             10
          17.     C-O-C Odisha                                                                                        5
          18.     C-O-C Assam & NE                                                                               5
          19.     All other C-O-Cs                                                                                   3  each (minimum)

Affiliates/C-O-Cs are requested to allot quota to their units/organisations immediately so that ticket booking can be done without delay.

For all enquiries and necessary help in connection with the camp the following comrades may be contacted.
1.       Com.Virendra Tiwari, Chairman, C-O-C, UP State:                             09839195933
2.       Com.J.P.Singh, General Secretary, C-O-C, UP State:                           08005445445

As it is not possible to hold a separate Women’s Convention again this year, on 30th October 2018 (Second day), All India Women’s Convention will also be held along with the Camp and new office bearers and Women’s Sub Committee members will be elected.

Fraternally Yours,

M. Krishnan,
Secretary General,
Mob: & WhatsApp: 09447068125

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