Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dated: 30.10.2015
Dear Comrades,

                As you are aware, the National JCA of Central Government employees has decided to organize  Dharna and  rally on 19th at Jantar Mantar. The participation in the rally, as per the decision, will be from among the comrades working in and around Delhi.  The Delhi State committee of Confederation has been requested to organize campaign programme to ensure large scale participation of comrades working in the city of Delhi.  We appreciate that the programme comes in the wake of the National festival of Diwali, which is celebrated throughout the country but with much more enthusiasm in Northern parts of the country.  This makes the task of the Delhi State Committee much more difficult.  Being the decision taken at the National level and taking into account the issues involved, we request the Delhi State committee and the office bearers to take all necessary steps to ensure large number of Central Government employees in the rally on 19th.

                We have also requested the available members of the National Sectt. at Delhi to campaign at the adjoining areas of Delhi.   The programme chalked out in consultation with them is given hereunder. 

                We request the affiliates and the concerned State Committees to give necessary instruction to organize meetings on the indicated dates and places.  They are also requested to make necessary arrangements for the comrades from these places to reach  Delhi and back.

                With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

M. Krishnan
Secretary General

Date:                     Name of the comrades                                                Place

3.11.15                  KKN Kutty & Parasar                                       Ambala
4.11.15                  .do.                                                                        Agra
3.11.15                  MS.Raja & Balwinder Singh                         Chandigarh
4.11.15                  .do.                                                                        Simla
5.11.15                  Vrighu Bhattacharya & Rajkumar              Faridabad
12.11.15 to 17.11.15: Vrighu Bhattacharya,                           Delhi
 Giriraj Singh Ashok Kanojia and others                                 Delhi
16.11.17               KKN. Kutty & Parasar & A.K. Kanojia        Ghaziabad
17.11.17               KKN. Kutty & Parasar                                      Meerut.                                               

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