Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grant of Qualification Pay to Nursing Staff - BPMS

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Defence Production
New Delhi, the 24th February, 2014
The DGOF & Chairman,
Ordnance Factory Board,
10A, S.K.Bose Road,
Kolkata - 700 001

Sub. :  Grant of Qualification Pay to Nursing Staff.


The matter regarding grant of Qualification Pay to eligible Nursing Staff as laid down vide M of H & FW OM No. 11017/4/2008. N dated 15.01.2010 has been under examination at M of D for some time. It has been decided that eligible Nursing Staff will be granted Qualification Pay as indicated below :-

2. (a) One increment to the Nursing Staff holding any of the following post Certificate Diploma of 10 months duration or any other 10 months Diploma Course designed and approved by the Indian Nursing Council form time to time.
(i)  Diploma in Nursing Education and Nursing administration;
(ii) Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing;
(iii) Diploma in Pediatric Nursing;
(iv) Diploma in Public Health Nursing
(b)  Two increments to the Nursing Staff possessing any of the following qualification:-
(i)   B. Sc.  (Hons.)/B. Sc./Post Basic B. Sc./Post Certificate B. Sc.  In Nursing;
(ii)  Post Graduate Degree in Nursing i.e., M. Sc. (Nursing).

3.   Only one/two additional non-absorbable increments are admissible to a Nurse in a particular grade where possession of such qualifications is not required as per Recruitment Rules.

4.  The grant of aforesaid increments is subject to the condition that the concerned Nursing Staff is not required to possess the qualification, for which the increment is claimed, as a condition of employment and higher initial pay.

5.  The increment to be granted will be 3% of the current basic pay of the Nursing 
Staff concerned. 

6.  This issues with the concurrence of the Integrated Finance Devision of Ministry of Defence vide no.  741/IF/DP.I dated 21.02.2014.

Yours faithfully,
(Biswajit Sarkar)

Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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