Sunday, February 16, 2014

Circular No. 12

              1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001
Circular No. 12                                                                                          Dated 15.2.2014.

Dear Comrades,
    On the basis of the information we have received from the States and also from the affiliates on 14.2.2014 we have prepared a chart indicating the extent of participation in the strike, organisation and state wise.  Obviously this may not have full details and omission and commission cannot be ruled out.  We are meeting in the Secretariat on 18th at Delhi to review the situation to identify our weak areas and to chalk out corrective measures.  You will appreciate that it may not be possible without sufficient and correct information.  We give hereunder a format to enable you to respond.  We shall be highly thankful if you bestow your personal endeavour in preparing this report and ensure that the same is sent to us through      e mail to:

  Confederation CHQ will be able to compile and present the emerging picture in the meeting of the Secretariat on 18th Feb 2014 if you respond before that date.


                  1. For State Committees   
 1. Name of the State
2. Number of affiliated unions / Federations / Associations.
3. Names of the affiliated unions.
4. Estimated number of CGEs in the State in the above mentioned organisations.
5. Names of Unions that took part in the strike with percentage of participation.
6. Overall percentage of strike participation in the state.
7. Remarks:  Please indicate the reason as to why some unions did not take part in the strike (If any)
8. What in your opinion must be our future course of action?

                  2.  For Affiliates.
1. Name of the Affiliate.
2. Name of the States in which the union / Federation has branches.
3. Total number of employees / members in the union.
4. No. of members who participated in the strike with percentage of participation.
5. What is the reason for the non participation of the members in the strike in certain States? (If any)
6. What in your opinion must be our future course of action?

Once again it is requested to kindly respond to this letter immediately.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
M. Krishnan.

Secretary General. 

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