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No.D.19/01 /08                                                                                        Dated: 27.05.08



                The Secretary,

                Staff Side,

                National Council(JCM)

                13-C, Ferozshah Road,

                New Delhi.


Dear Comrade,


                We have received a copy of letter No.AIRF/NC/JCM/GC dated 22-05-2008 from Com.J.P.Choube, General Secretary, AIRF, New Delhi addressed to you. Com.Choube has reproduced from Confederation Circular No.7 dated 19-05-2008 the following comments:


"There had been no emphasis on core issues like minimum wage, fitment formula,     construction of pay bands, benefits on promotion, allowance etc."


According to him the above comment in our circular has caused confusion(which) needs to be clarified(by you).


                In that very circular we have also explained why we have made the above comment.  We have written that:-


"….the available time ought to have been used to present these core issues, which has a universal appeal for all sections of the Central Govt. employees irrespective of the organizations in which they are working. Quite an amount of time at the meeting was spent in projecting certain department specific anomalies.  This approach made the core issues out of focus."


                We hope you will appreciate that the comments on department specific issues made by some amongst us at the meeting with Cabinet Secretary had the unfortunate(though unintended) impact of diluting the effectiveness of the presentation made by you on the core issues.


                While that had been our impression,  we leave it to you to decide whether the said Circular has caused any confusion at all requiring any clarification from you..



Yours fraternally,






                Copy to Com.J.P.Choubey, General Secretary, AIRF, New Delhi

                Copy to Members, Staff Side.


Copy of letter in AIRF/NC/JCM/GC dated May 22, 2008 from Com. J.P. Chaubey, General Secretary, All India Railway men Federation addressed to the Secretary, Staff Side, JCM. National Council,

 Dear Comrade,

          My attention has been drawn to circular No. D/11/6/08 dated 17.5.2008 and No. D.11/07/08 dated 19.5.2008(photocopies enclosed ) uploaded by the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers on its

          In Circular No. 6, it has been stated- " in the discussion that ensued thereafter the following issues were reiterated with emphasis" These issues were – exclusion of DA on DP (12%) in construction of pay bands and consequently in fixation benefit, construction of pay bands contrary to the recommendation of 6th CPC, defects in computation of minimum wage, discrimination in fitment benefit, necessity of affording a minimum benefit of 10% on promotion, parity in pension of pre-1996 and post 1996 retirees, discrimination in the grant of family pension, minimum pension and revision in ex gratia to SRPF/CPF retirees.

          Circular No. 7( Page 3) says "There had been no emphasis on core issues like minimum wage, fitment formula, construction of pay bands, benefit on promotion allowance etc.

          This has caused confusion and needs to be clarified. In fact all these issues were discussed in great detail in the meetings of the Standing Committee of National Council JCM held on 7 th May, 2008 and also with the Cabinet Secretary on 17th May, 2008 in which all members representing AIRF, NFIR, Defence Employees Federation and Confederation had taken part.

          Perhaps you may like to look into this for issuing necessary clarification.


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