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New   Delhi.

Dated: 3.1.2008

Dear Comrade,

Sent herewith is the draft memorandum for presentation to the Governor on 11 th inst for submission to the Prime Minister when you take out a rally or procession in the respective state capitals.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
KKN Kutty,
Secretary General.


Memorandum to Dr. Manmohan Singh,

Hon'ble Prime Minister,

Govt. of India,

New Delhi.


            On behalf of the Co-ordination Committee of the Central Govt. employees, ______, State, we submit the following memorandum for your kind and favourable consideration.


1.                    As per the terms of reference, the 6th Central Pay Commission was to submit a report to the Govt. on the question of grant of Interim relief. The said requisition was made on the commission as per the agreement the staff side JCM, National Council had with the then Finance Secretary, Govt. of India.   Neither the Commission submitted any report on this issue to the Govt. nor did the Govt. take the decision to grant Interim Relief, even though the CGEs were entitled for wage revision with effect from 1.01.2006.


2.                    For no valid reason, the Govt. decided to scrap the existing pension scheme, creating an invidious discrimination between the employees recruited prior and after 1.1.2004.  The Central Govt.employees are extremely concerned over this unjustified action on the part of the Govt. and request you to kindly initiate action to withdraw the new contributory pension scheme.


3.                    The Government's decision to extend the blanket ban on recruitment, introduced in 2001 for another three years has in fact come as a bolt from the blue.   The reduction in the number of posts due to the arbitrary decision has been of the order of 8 lakhs during the period between 1.1.2001 to 1.1.2006.  Not only the said decision has shut down the job opportunities for the young and educated youth in the country, it has also phenomenally increased the workload of the existing employees.   We request you to kindly order annulment of the concerned executive fiat.


4.                    The appointment on compassionate ground in Govt. service meant for the family members who become distressed due to the sudden and untimely demise of the Govt. servants in harness was virtually stopped by the Department of Personnel by introducing an unviable and unworkable ceiling limit of 5% of the vacancies.   While the scheme is allowed to be operated unhindered and without ceiling in Railways, which employees more than 50% of the workforce in Central services, we are unable to comprehend the logic and rationale of the inexplicable discrimination.   In the meeting the Staff Side had with the Cabinet Secretary in the wake of our decision to go on indefinite strike action, we were assured of ending this unjust discrimination.   But no order to honour this commitment was issued by the Govt. so far.  We request you to kindly intervene in the matter in favour of the unfortunate members of the family of the deceased Govt. servant.


5.                    Despite revising the ceiling limit from Rs.2500 to Rs.3500 for the computation of Bonus entitlement for workers,[which was kept stagnant for the past one and half decades] by the Cabinet and making it applicable for the financial year 2006-07, the Govt. for reasons unknown kept the CG employees beyond the purview of the said decision.   No substantive reason was adduced by the Finance Ministry officials, when the Staff side raised this issue in the last meeting of the Standing Committee of the JCM.   We were assured by the Secretary(Personnel) that the discontent of the employees in this regard would be conveyed to the Govt.  We shall be obliged if your goodself direct the concerned in the Finance Ministry to issue necessary orders revising the Bonus entitlement of CGEs in consonance with the Cabinet decision.


6.                    Due to the abolition of posts and other downsizing exercises carried out by the Govt. as pointed out earlier, the number of employees has been drastically reduced, whereas work assigned was increased manifold. To combat the situation, the administration has been resorting to recruitment of daily rated/casual workers. They presently constitute about 25% of the workforce.   They are not even given subsistence wages and are being exploited.  The staff side raised the issue of regularization of these employees, which is being dilly dallied.   We seek your intervention for their regularization.


7.                    We were assured of an immediate and favourable consideration of the sixteen awards of the Board of Arbitration  in the formal meeting of the Standing Committee held in the wake of the proposed strike action in February, 2007.   Though several rounds of discussions were held, no finality has been reached on any issue.  This is despite the fact that the staff side agreed to make several amendments to reduce the financial burden of the Govt.   We regret to bring to your kind notice that the matter is being delayed by the Finance Ministry.  We seek your intervention in settling the issue.


8.                    In a recent development, the health Ministry has drastically reduced the rates of various pathological tests, surgery etc in respect of treatment in private hospitals  recognized by the CGHS.  Most of the hospitals recognized by the Govt. have now refused to impart treatment to CGEs and pensioners on the plea that the rates are too low and even would not meet the cost.   The said decision of the health Ministry was not based on any sound logic and requires to be reversed.  The health Ministry may be asked to bring back the old rates immediately.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Secretary, COC…….State Committee


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