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Secretary General:        Com.K.K.N.Kutty        9811048303

Dated: 23rd November, 2007




Dear Comrades,




            The audit and accounts employees in Kerala under the banner of Audit & Accounts Association is waging a struggle against the die-hard bureaucracy of Indian Audit & Accounts Department demanding vacation of victimisation of Association activists including women employees. The indefinite fast commenced on 5 th November 2007 is still continuing with the Accountant General administration bent on crushing the employees' movement.


            The struggle started in December 2006 against outsourcing of work, the state government entrusted to AG, Kerala. Opposition to the outsourcing led to the suspension of a leading activist of the Association forcing the Association to launch massive dharna to force the AG to withdraw the said punitive action. The suspension was revoked at the intervention of the Chief Minister of Kerala.


            The Accountant General started the witch hunting by issuing chargesheets under Rule 14 and Rule 16 to scores of Association leaders and activists, All efforts of the Association leaders to end the spree of victimisations through dialogue was thwarted.


            In the month of December 2006, when the Dharna was going on, the Accountant General insisted on entering the office through the gate in front of which the Dharna was being staged, even though clear passage was available to him elsewhere through which he had been entering office earlier.   With wanton disregard to decency and decorum especially to women employees, he is reported to have entered the office, triggering of complaints to the women's Commission by those who were victims of his indecent behaviour.   Angered by this complaint, the AG hardened his vindictiveness against the leaders and activists.  The women complainants have now been proceeded against under various provisions of CCS(CCA) Rules on foisted charges.


            As of now reduction to lower stage have been effected in respect of 40 employees, 13 are facing chargesheet under Rule 16, 31are facing chargesheet under Rule 14, 6 are denied of promotion, 6 are given reversion to lower posts and more than 500 have been served with memo with several allegations.


            This fight of the Audit and Accounts employees of Kerala for vacation of victimisation deserves whole hearted support by the entirety of Central Government employees. The CAG is a Constitutional Authority. The bureaucracy under him however refuses to imbibe the spirit of the Constitution and denies them the right to function and represent unitedly.


            Confederation calls upon every affiliate and CoC to send the following telegram to CAG and Finance Minister, to seek their intervention to vacate the victimization and to demonstrate our support and solidarity with the struggling employees of the Audit and Accounts Offices of Kerala..


                        Text of telegram:


Request your immediate intervention to vacate victimization of employees of the Audit and Accounts Offices of Kerala .


            The telegram to CAG may be sent to: VN Kaul, CAG of India , ARGEL, New Delhi-100002  and the telegram to Finance Minister to: P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, North Block, New Delhi-110001


            Post copy of the telegram may please be endorsed to HQr of the Confederation as well as to Com M. Krishnan, General Secretary, Confederation of CG employees and workers, Kerala, P&T House, Thiruvananthapuram for information.


            With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


(K.K.N. Kutty)

Secretary General






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