Saturday, September 27, 2008

Confederation Circular letter No. 15/2008






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Dated: 27th September, 2008

Dear Comrade,


            We append hereunder a copy of the letter we had addressed to the Secretary Expenditure, Government of India, demanding that the calculation ceiling be raised to Rs. 3500 in the case of grant of adhoc bonus.  The letter pertains only to adhoc bonus as the orders relating to PLB are yet to be issued.

            We request all affiliates and COCs to send similar letters (with necessary modification for those covered by PLB Scheme) to the Secretary Expenditure immediately on  receipt of this communication with copy endorsed to the CHQ.

            It has come to our knowledge that the Govt. might raise the calculation ceiling to Rs. 3500 either to the Railway workers alone as was done in 1996 or for all those covered by the PLB Scheme.  This, if done will be a gross discrimination in respect of employees covered by the Adhoc bonus and must warrant immediate action programme including strike as was carried out in 1996.  We request our affiliates and COCs to prepare the rank and file of the workers for such an eventuality.

            As per the decision of the National Executive Committee meeting, we have addressed the Secretary General, All India Defence Employees Federation to explore the possibilities of organizing a united action in pursuance of the unsettled demands of the Charter pertaining to the 6th CPC issues.

            We hope you must have gone through by now the various instructions, rules, and orders issued by the Government in implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations and must have noticed certain incongruities, anomalies and other difficulties. We have been receiving such complaints from the members of different organizations.  We, therefore, request you to kindly go into this matter and send us in writing such anomalies and incongruities noticed by you or brought to your notice by the members to enable us to make representation before the Government.

            With greetings,


Yours fraternally



Secretary General

Copy of Confederation's letter addressed to the Secretary, Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, dated 27th September,



The Secretary,


Ministry of Finance

Govt. of India,

North Block

New Delhi. 110 001




            We solicit you kind reference to the O.M. No. 7/22/2008.E-IIIA dated 5th September, 2008 granting adhoc bonus to employees who are not covered by the PLB Scheme for the accounting year 2007-08.  It has been mentioned therein that the calculation ceiling of Rs. 2500 would remain unchanged.


            As you are aware, the calculation ceiling of Rs. 2500 was imposed in consonance with similar provision in the Bonus Act as is applicable to industrial workers. The said ceiling of Rs. 2500 was raised to Rs. 3500 by the Government and made applicable to the workers covered by the Bonus Act for the accounting year 2006-07 itself.  We had taken up the issue both through correspondence and in the JCM Standing Committee immediately on promulgation of the ordinance raising the ceiling limit to make it applicable to Government employees.


            We expected the Government to raise the ceiling limit to Rs. 3500 before orders are issued for the grant of adhoc bonus pertaining to 2007-08.  We request you to kindly issue necessary orders to raise the calculation ceiling limit to Rs. 3500 applicable for the grant of adhoc bonus for the accounting year 2006-07 onwards.


            Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,



K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General