Thursday, August 13, 2020

                                                                  VERY SAD NEWS


Com. S. S. Roy, a veteran leader of NFPE& Confederation, passed away today dated 13th August 2020 morning due to massive heart attack.

He was also found Corona positive in rapid testing. He was 79 yrs old.

 He was Circle Secretary P3 Union West Bengal and Asstt. General Secretary. P-3 CHQ for a long time. He lead central government employees movement in West Bengal for a long time in a very effective manner. Now He was conducting the affairs of All India Postal and RMS Pensioners Association and NCCPA.

 He has written some books on trade union movement, Postal functions and recently on NPS.

 We on behalf of Confederation and NFPE convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family members and Comrades of West Bengal.

 We dip our banner in respect of him and pay respect full homage.

                                          Red Salute Com.S.S.Roy.

                                                                      Long live Com.S.S.Roy.

Com.S.S.Roy Amar Rahe.


                                                           Secretary General

                                                               Confederation & NFPE

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