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The Proceedings of 10th State level conference - Karnataka - 24th October 2019 in Bangalore

      The Proceedings of 10th State level conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State   held at 4th Floor Income Tax Office Bangalore on 24th October 2019.

           The Conference was attended by affiliates of COC Karnataka namely NFPE (P3) , NFPE(Postmen), ITEF, NFPE (RMS-R3) , NFPE(RMS R4) , NFPE(Postal Admin ),  NFPE (Postal Accounts), AG’s, Central Excise, Ground Water, Census, Survey of India, CGHS, Civil Accounts etc.

     The Conference was conducted under the joint presidium of President S. Radhakrishna and working President PS Prasad.

Com Ramakrishna Joint Secretary welcomed the chief quest to the Dias, 
Com P.S.Prasad Working President welcomed the delegates and Chief quests.

         Com S.Radhakrishna President moved resolution condoling the death of national leaders eminent personalities and comrades who had breathed last from last conference in July 2017 to date.  House observed a minutes silence in memory of departed souls. President in his brief introductory remarks stated that the policies of Government has adversely affecting the common people resulting in economic difficulties for them.  The mass convention of workers has given a call for countrywide strike on 8 January 2020.  Confederation National Executive meeting held on 19 October 2019 has endorsed the call of mass convention and has called upon all CG employees to join strike on ten point  charter of demands and demands adopted in Convention. The rights the workers enjoyed because of Constitution and various judicial decisions is under threat.  Unless we save our constitution our future will be in dark.  Therefore we have invited Justice Nagmohan Das former Judge of Karnataka High Court to explain us about the importance of Constitution for us.  Honorable Judge when he was practicing Advocate had address convention of COC on Article 311 of Constitution and Right to strike. He then requested Judge to inaugurate the conference and speak on Constitution of India.

        Hon’ble  Justice H.N.Nagamohan Das inaugurating the conference spoke at length about the constitution of our country, how constitution of our country has protected our basic fundamental rights of the common man , workers, trade union rights , freedom of speech, he emphasised that basic issues of the workers, common man such as food , clothing , wages etc are not being discussed by the politicians , but other issues are being discussed. He emphasised that the each and every worker of the country should read the constitution of our country and protect our rights.The economic policies pursued by successive Governments has resulted in country’s wealth concentrating in the hands of just 2% of population   .   The privatisation of the Government Departments should be stopped and at present only 2% of the working force is from Government sectors.   The vacant posts should be filled up at present in Government sectors about 25 lakhs posts are vacant, there is huge unemployment is there.  All should join together to change the policies of Government.  Only then Constitution can be upheld to protect the interest of common people and pluralism of country.

      Com M.Krishnan Secretary General Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers New  Delhi addressed and informed that how privatisation of the Central Government departments including Railways and Defence is taking in a big way, apart from privatisation the staff reduction is taking place in a big way. He also informed that the minimum wage calculations formula ie is Dr Aykroyd Formulawhich is being manipulated and various benefits  of this formula is being removed  which is a big disadvantage to the workers of this county and especially the Central Government employees , which will hamper the minimum wage of the Central Government employees in next pay commissions.  He asked all employees of Central Government to join the main stream of working class movement and participate in the one day General Strike on 8th Jan 2020. He guided how the campaign should be conducted.

      Com Vinod General Secretary presented the General Secretary report and emphasised the fact of participating in the one day General Strike on 8th Jan 2020. The members passed the General Secretary report.

       Com M.S.Ganesh presented the accounts statement for the year 2017-19 and requested members to contribute liberally, The accounts statement was passed.

         The house passed the resolution in one voice placed by the President  regarding participation in the one day General Strike on 8th Jan 2020.The steps taken for the campaign was discussed in detail.   

      The following veteran leaders who had retired from service and had made significant contribution in the growth of state COC were honoured.
1)    Com Seethalakshmi
2)    Com SS.Manjunath
3)    Com HS. Manjunath
4)    Com Julliana Vincent
5)    Com Vidya Simha
6)    Com Nagaraj Rao

          The election process started the list of Office bearers of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State elected during the 10th State level conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State held at 4th Floor  Income Tax Office Bangalore on 24th October 2019 for the period 2019-22.

Com S.Radhakrishna
Working President
Com P.S.Prasad
Vice President
Com D.K.Bharathi
NFPE (Admin)
Vice President
Com Javarayi Gowda
General Secretary
Com Vinod
Joint Secretary
Com S.K.Rave 
Joint Secretary
Com  Padmini Rudraiah
Postal Accounts
Finance Secretary
Com M.S.Ganesh
Survey of India
Assistant Secretary
Com Santhosh Sundaram
Assistant Secretary
Com Doddaiah
Assistant Secretary
Com Rajeev VM
Assistant Secretary
Com Mohan Pai
Assistant Secretary
Com N.Saraswathamma
NFPE (P-3)
Assistant Secretary
Com Rajeev VM
Central Excise
Assistant Secretary
Com D.Laxshman Reddy
Assistant Secretary
Com Rudraswamy
Com  Pratap
Civil Accounts
The vote of thanks was proposed by Com Ramakrishna.

The President declared the Conference closed amidst reverberating slogan chanting by participants

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