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No.Conf/Genl/2016-19                                                                            28-01-2018

Decision of the National Secretariat meeting of Confederation held at New Delhi on 24-01-2018

*        National Convention of Central Government Employees at Hyderabad during May/June, 2018.

*        Intensive Campaign and Struggle Programmes on 10 Points charter of Demands culminating in strike.

*        All India Women’s Trade Union Workshop will be conducted in Uttar Pradesh.  Venue and Date will be finalised shortly.

*        Joint Campaign against NPS & Outsourcing by Confederaiton and All India State Government Employees Federation (AISGEF) - Signature Campaign in the month of February 2018 Memorandum to be submitted to Prime Minister.  Mass Joint Dharna at all District head quarters on 27-3-2018.

*        Protest Hunger fast at New Delhi and in front of all Govt of India Printing Presses Demanding stop closure of Printing Presses.  (Dates to be finalised in consultation with National Federation of Printing, Publications and Stationery Employees).

*        Com. S.K.Vyasji remembrance day on 13-02-2018 - All C-O-Cs to Organise Remembrance day programmes.

*        Problems of Central Ground water board employees and employees of salt department also discussed and decided to intervene.

*        International Women’s Day on 2018 March 8th - C-O-Cs to take initiative to organise programmes of women employees/workers jointly with like-minded women organisations.

Dear Comrades,

          The National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers held at ITEF Headquarters, NewDelhi on 24-01-2018, took the following decisions.  Com.K.K.N.Kutty, National President,Confederation presided over the meeting.

I.      Confederaiton Charter of Demands and Future Course of Action:
        The meeting noted with grave concern the totally negative attitude of the Central Govt. towards the  genuine and legitimate demands of the Central Govt. Employees including increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula, withdraw NPS, Implement Option-I for pensioners, Regularise GDS and Casual/Contract Labourers, Revision of Wages and pension of Autonomous body employees and pensioners, grant of equal pay for equal work and parity in pay scales, compassionate appointments etc.  The meeting further noted the reluctance of the dominant organisations of NJCA to revive the deferred indefinite strike or to organise any serious agitational programmes on 7th CPC related issues.  The meeting noted that the independent struggles programmes organised by Confederaiton including Parliament March on15th December 2016, One day nationwide strike on 16-3-2017, Mass protest dharna in front of Finance Minister’s office on 23-05-2017, Human Chain on 22-06-2017,  Burning of HRA orders on 25-07-2017, One day dharna at all district headquarters on 19-09-2017, Mass dharna at all state headquarters on 17-10-2017, has its own impact and the entire Central Govt. Employees are agitated and supporting the demands raised by Confederation.  Govt. responded in a negative manner, by imposing ban on conducting dharnas and demonstration by Confederation on 19-09-2017 and 17-10-2017.  Inspite of the ban orders, dharnas were conducted in a massive manner at all district headquarters and state headquarters. 

        After detailed review of the whole situation, the National Secretariat decided to intensify the campaign and struggle for realisation of the demands raised in the charter of demands.  National Secretariat decided to organise a National Convention of Central Govt. Employees at Hyderabad during the month of May/June 2018.  Date and Venue of the convention will be declared shortly in consultation with the C-O-C Andhra & Telangana states.  In the convention resolution will be adopted on the following 10 point charter of demands and phased programme of action culminating in strike will be declared.  Details of draft resolution, phased programme of action and date of strike etc. will be finalised by the National Secretariat before the convention.

Charter of Demands:
1.     Settle 7th CPC related issues including increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment formula, HRA arreas, MACP Bench mark, Option-I for pensioners etc.
2.     Withdraw Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS).  Ensure defined pension under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 to all employees appointed on or after 01-01-2004.
3.     Fill up all vacant posts, Create justified posts for excess work.  Evolve proper mechanism for Regional Recruitment.  Stop engagement of retired persons.
4.     (a)   Regularise Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant Civil Servant Status.  Implement positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report on GDS.
        (b)   Regularise Casual and Contract Workers. Evolve a new scheme for regularisation of Casual and Contract Workers.
5.     Ensure equal pay for equal work as per Supreme Court Judgement and grant parity in wages and pay scales.
6.     Stop closure of Govt. establishments.  Withdraw closure orders of Govt. of India Presses.  Stop outsourcing and privatisation of Govt. functions.
7.     Avoid abnormal delay in extending the benefits of 7th CPC to Autonomous body employees and pensioners.
8.     Remove 5% condition imposed on compassionate appointments. Grant appointment in all deserving cases.
9.     Grant five time-bound promotions to all on completion of 8,7,6,5 & 4 years.
10.   (a)   Stop attack on Trade Union rights.  Avoid delay in conducting Verification of membership under CCS (RSA) Rules, declare results and grant recognition in a time-bound manner.  Ensure prompt functioning of various negotiating forums under the JCM scheme at all levels.
        (b)   Withdraw the draconian FR 56(j) and Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 which is misused as a short-cut to punish and victimise employees.

II.     Joint Campaign of confederation and All India state government employees federation (AISGEF) against NPS and Outsourcing:
        It is decided to conduct signature campaign in the month of February 2018 and mass dharna at all District headquarters on 27-03-2018.  The memorandum to be submitted to the Prime Minister of India in which the signatures are to be obtained will be published in the Confederation website shortly.  All C-O-Cs and affiliates are requested to implement the above two programmes jointly with the AISGEF. If in any place AISGEF is not participating, the programmes may be implemented by Confederation.
III.    Protest Huger fast at New delhi and in front of all govt. of India Presses jointly by Confederation and Federation of Printing, Publication and Stationery Employees (NFPPSE).
        Inspite of the intervention of MPs inside and outside Parliament, inspite of two-times unanimous recommedations of the Parliamentry Standing Committee, inspite of the protest programmes organised by Confederation and NFPPSE the Govt. is not ready to withdraw its decision to close down 12 Govt. of India Presses.  Com. Tapan Sen, MP, raised the issue in Rajya Sabha and about 12 MPs supported his demand.  Secretary, JCM National Council staff side also took up the issue and held discussion with the top-level officers, but they expressed helplessness as it is a Cabinet decision.  Eventhough stay orders are granted by High Courts and CATs in various states against closure, the Govt. may try to get the stay vacated.  National Secretariat after detailed discussion decided to organise hunger fast at New delhi and in front of all Printing Presses.  It is decided to finalise the programme in consultation with the NFPPSE. Details will be intimated later.

IV.   Com. S.K.Vyasji Remembrance Day on 13-02-2018:
        National Secretariat decided to organise Com.S.K.Vyasji Remembrance Day at all C-O-C level on 13-02-2018 in a befitting manner.  All C-O-Cs and affiliates are requested to organise the Remembrance Day programmes in memory of our great legendary leader who sacrificed his entire life for the Central Govt. Employees and Pensioners.

V.    All India Women’s Trade Union workshop in Uttar Pradesh:
        The National Secretariat noted the difficulties faced by our Women comrades due to the cancellation of the Womens Camp notified at Mumbai during January 2018, due to the inability expressed by the C-O-C Mumbai, at the last minute.  It is decided to conduct the All India Women’s Trade Union Education Camp in the state of Uttar Pradesh.  Venue and dates will be finalised in consultation with the C-O-C, Uttar Pradesh.

VI.   2018 March 8th - International Women’s Day:
        National Secretariat decided to celebrate the International Women’s Day on 08-03-2018 jointly with like-minded organisations.  All C-O-Cs and affiliates are requested to organise the programme under the banner of Woman Sub-Committees in a befitting manner.
VII.  National Secretariat also discussed the problems relating to the following affiliates and suitable decision taken.
        (a)   Problems of Central Ground Water Board Employees and AICGWBEA.
        (b)   Problems of the employees of the Salt Department.
VIII. All C-O-Cs and affiliates of Confederation are requested to implement the above decisions of the National Secretariat.
Yours fraternally,
Secretary General,
Mob & Watsapp: 09447068125

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