Tuesday, July 11, 2017


        Today is the 57th anniversary of the Glorious Strike of the Central Government Employees which started on 11th July 1960 and continued for 5 days on the basic demands of the workers.

        That was their biggest strike in independent India till then, which shook the edifice of the Government. It was suppressed by all repressive measures putting thousands in jail, dismissal, termination etc. But the workers never surrendered.

        The mighty one day Token Strike on 19th September 1968 reminded the Government that the workers can never be suppressed all the times.

        On this day our Revolutionary salutes to all those comrades who sacrificed their lives at the altar of struggle and also who faced inhuman suppression and also the lakhs of workers who participated.

         Red Salute to all those who showed through their action that the united struggle is the right path.


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