Tuesday, November 12, 2013


8th Conference of Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees & Workers Associations & Unions of Tripura State Unit, Agartala held on 10.11.2013 T.G.E.A. Hall, Agartala. More than 200 delegates from almost all Central Govt. organizations available in Tripura attended the Conference. Com. Manik Dey, Hon’ble Minister of Labour, Power, Transport, Urban & Rural Development etc, Govt. of Tripura, Agartala inaugurated the Conference and made a nice presentation on international and national scenario and particularly high lighted on the problems faced by the Central Govt. organizations and employees as well. The fraternal organizations viz Tripura Govt. Employees Association, Central Govt. Employees Pensioners Association, All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association, BSNL Pensioners Association etc attended the Conference and addressed the August house. The delegates from all organizations took part in the discussion and expressed their views. All important Electronic and Print media covered the programme and widely publicized the same.

After day long proceedings, a new committee consisting of 15 Executive members, 4 Invitee members and 3 Advisors was formed and an Auditor was appointed for the next term which is furnished below for your kind information.

1. President                   :            Com. Dhiman Gupta, AG

2. Vice President           :             i) Com. Sajal Datta, GSI
                                                ii) Com. Subhash Ch. Roy, Income Tax
                                                iii) Com. Chandra Kanta Sarkar, EPF

3. General Secretary      :           Com. Tapas Kr. Nath, Postal

4. Asstt. Secretary         :            i) Com. Kamal Rudra Paul, CPWD
                                                ii) Com. Nirmal Chakraborty, Postal
                                                iii) Com. Jhantu Das Gupta, AG

5. Treasurer                   :           Com. Mrinmoy Roy, RMS

6. Asstt. Treasurer         :           Com. Biswajit Das, Postal

7. Organizing Secretary :            i) Com. Krishnasish Goswami, Postal
                                                ii) Com. Ajoy Majumder, AG

8. Executive Members    :           i) Com. Benoy Sankar Bhattacharjee, Postal
                                                ii) Com. Sanjoy Bhattacharjee, AG
                                                iii) Com. Chandan Das, AG

Invitee Members             :             i) Com. Tirthankar Choudhury, BSNL
                                                 ii) Com. Paran Ch. Dey, BSNL
                                                iii) Com. Suprava Paul, GDS
                                                iv) Com. Pranesh Saha, GDS

Advisors                        :             i) Com. Chitta Rudra Paul, Pensioner, CPWD
                                                ii) Com. Janardhan Debnath, Pensioner, Postal

                                                iii) Com. Siddartha Datta, Pensioner, BSNL

Auditor                          :            Com. Sanjit Datta Choudhury, AG

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