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Circular No.13/2012 Dated:  29th July, 2012


All National Sectt. Members:

Dear Comrade,

                                        Kindly recall the discussions we had at our meeting held at the CHQ on 25th.  For paucity of time, we could not carry out the discussion for finalising the campaign programme on that day.  The house said that another meeting after the 26th programme might be convened to finalise the campaign programme for the impending strike action.  Most of the Comrades expressed the difficulty in undertaking another visit to Delhi in the month of August, 2012.  Taking into account that the strike action is slated for 12th December, 2012, and hardly four months are at our disposal and in view of the fact that October and November being festival months, we propose the following programme for your consideration.  Your views in the matter may please be communicated to the CHQ through e-mail latest by 10th August, 2012.  We are to deploy the Sectt. Members to different States.  The Secretary General will intimate the final decision after the feed back on 10th August, 2012.   Kindly ensure that you send in your views well before 9th August, 2012.


Details of the Programme Schedule

Campaign programme in September, 2012

11, 12 and 13; 18, 19 and 20th  and 25, 26 and 27 September:  The proposal is that a team of Sectt members will be in charge of the  States indicated in the Annexure.  The group of dates indicated will be chosen by them to finalize the programme in consultation with the concerned State Committee.  The State Convention will be held on the last date of the group of Date and the two dates prior to the State Convention will be used for the purpose of office wise meeting in which the National Sectt. Members will participate.

1st to 12th October 2012

In the same manner as indicated above, district level convention and meetings will be held.  The State Committee of  Confederation Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries of affiliates will participate in those meetings/conventions.  The State Committees can explore the possibility of Vehicle jathas to cover important stations of the states.

19th November 2012

Mass Deputation and Serving Strike Notice to the respective heads of Departments/Office as the case may be.  At the National level, the notice will be served on the Cabinet Secretary.

20,21,22 and 23rd Nov. 2012

Relay evening Dharna for three hours (between 17 hours and 21 hours) at a common place to be organised by the Confederation State Committee with the participation of all affiliated organizations.

11th Dec. 2012

Lunch hour /evening massive demonstration in front of respective offices for mobilizing the employees for the strike the next day.

12th Dec. 2012

The one day token Strike.

                Kindly indicate the changes you wish to make this programme and inform the undersigned as quickly as possible. 

                With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General


List of comrades deployed for the purpose of the Campaign.

S.No.     Name of the Comrades                                   States to be covered

1.            S.K. Vyas and P. Suresh                                              Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh

2.            K. Ragavendran & Mani Achari                       Tamilnadu & Chhattisgarh

3.            K.V. Sreedharan & M. Krishnan                       Kerala & North Eastern States

4.            K.P. Rajagopal & I.S. Dabas                               Bihar & West Bengal

5.            N. Somayya & M.Durai Pandian.                      Karnataka

6.            K.K.N.Kutty & Narasimhan.                               Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.

7.            Giri Raj Singh & V. Bhattacharya                      Punjab, Haryana & J&K.

8.            M.S.Raja & A.K. Kanojia                                     U.P. and Uttarakhand.

9.            Ashok B Salunkhe & Jayaraj.                             Gujarat & Maharashtra

10.          Pijush Roy and Nageswar Rao                                   Orissa & Jharkhand

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