Friday, April 8, 2011

circular no.8

A-2/95,Manishinath Bhawan,Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027
Conf/ 8 /2011

8th April 2011
Dear Comrade

The indefinite fast commenced by Shri Anna Hazare against
corruption and for an effective mechanism that will act as a deterrent
against corruption has, by this time, caught the imagination of common
The indefinite fast by Shri Hazare has touched the conscience of
every Indian. It is quite heartening to note that people from all
walks of life cutting across social and regional barriers are coming
out in support of the cause espoused by Shri Hazare. This gives hope.
Confederation of Central Govt employees & workers extends its
full support to the indefinite fast against corruption by Shri Anna
Hazare. Confederation HQrs call upon every affiliate & State
Committees of Confederation to manifest solidarity with the cause
espoused and action of indefinite fast by Shri Hazare. Day long mass
fast and mass meetings during lunch hour may be arranged on 11th April
2011, Monday– if solution eludes and the fast continues.
With greetings
Yours fraternally
(M. S. Raja)