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Dear Comrade,


Ist October, 2007.


On 29th September, a leading vernacular daily, "Mathrubhoomy" carried a sensational news items stating that on the request of the Finance Ministry, the 6 th CPC has submitted an interim report on pay scales and allied issues.  We have no reason to believe this.  The Secretary General and President of the Confederation had called on the Member Secretary on 28 th September to request her to afford the staff side an opportunity to react to the suggestions as and when made by the three committees set up by the Commission.  We were told that the Commission will endeavor to submit its report to the Government within the stipulated time i.e. by March, 2008.  The Committees, as you are aware, have been given time to submit its suggestions and formulation by 31st October, 2007.  


We were told that the Pay Commission has not received any proposal from the Govt. to refer the anomaly items to it for resolution, contrary to what the Secretary Personnel informed the staff side in the last meeting held with him on 18th September, 2007


Since the publication of this news item has aroused a lot of interest and enquiries from various quarters,  we deem it appropriate in  placing it in our website with a request to all our readers to consider this only a journalistic scoop for whatever worth it is.


With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



KKN Kutty

Secretary General  


The report in the Newspaper states that:


1.                   Minimum wage shall be Rs. 6500

2.                   The date of effect shall be 1.01.006

3.                   Retirement date fo all personnel shall be 31st December every year.

4.                   Increment date of all personnel shall be Ist. Jan. every year.

5.                   The  number of pay scales will be further reduced to 16

6.                   Retirement age shall continue to be 60

7.                   Govt. has asked the commission to submit an interim report on pay scales and allowance immediately in view of the impending general election.  They have been asked to submit their detailed report later.

8.                   Though the commission might recommend the date of effect to be 1.1-2006, the Govt. might make it effective only from. 1.1.2007, the report adds

9.                   HRA may continue in the same rate, but with a ceiling limit of Rs. 12000 for Metro Cities, Rs.  6000 for A and B class cities , Rs. 3000 for C class cities and 2000 for unclassified towns .

10.               CCA shall be on percentage basis. i.e. 4,3,2 and 1% with a ceiling limit of Rs.1200, 900, 600,300 respectively

11.               Transport allowance shall be at 6% with a ceiling of Rs. 2400 for Gazetted officers in A and A1 Cities and shall have the same percentage for non gazetted employees but with a ceiling limit of Rs. 1200.   For the other towns and cities, the rate shall be 3% with a ceiling limit of Rs. 1200 and Rs. 600 respectively for Gazetted and non gazetted  employees.

12.               PF contribution will be mandated at 10% of the salary;

13.               Group Insurance at Rs. 400,200,100 and 50 for Gr.A,B,C and D officers respectively

14.               Encashment of leave will be raised to 360 days instead of 300 days presently available

15.               Commutation of pension shall be allowed upto 60% in the place of 40% presently.

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