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Confederation Circular dated 25.07.2007



Manishinath Bhawan,

A.2/95 Rajouri Garden

New Delhi . 110 027

Phone: (011) 2510 5324 Fax No (011) 25105324

Mobile:98110 48303

No. D/11/07/2007                                                        Dated25.07.2007


Dear Comrade,

National Convention – 13.08.2007

This is to remind you that due to unavoidable circumstances we had to prepone the National Convention of CG and State Govt. employees from 14.8.2007 to 13.8.2007. The Delhi police does not permit any meeting/procession on 14th due to security reasons. However, the meeting of the Secretaries of the affiliates and State C-O-Cs along with the National Executive members of the Confederation shall meet on 14 th at our CHQ at Rajouri Garden. The meeting will commence at 10.30 A.M and shall be concluded by 12.30 P.M, so that the comrades may avail return journey in the afternoon. The venue of the convention is at MPCU Shah Auditorium, The Delhi Gujrati Samaj Marg, Civil Lines (Near ISBT), New Delhi – 110 054.


          The available members of the Secretariat of the Confederation met at New Delhi on 21st and took the following decision :-


a)     The draft declaration to be presented to the Convention will be prepared in consultation with the leaders of AISGF.

b)      The Convention will be concluded by 3.30 P.M

c)      The expenses of the Convention will be borne by the Confederation and AISGF.

d)     Invitation to participate in the Convention will be extended to AIDEF and Confederation of Officers.

e)     The Confederation will suggest 3rd week of September [preferably 19.9.2007] for the Strike action.

f)       The Confederation's National leaders will visit all State capitals as part of mobilsation campaign.

g)      Every affiliate will arrange independent campaign programme amongst its units.

h)     All political parties and important MPs will be briefed of the demands.

i)       Tentative programme for campaign is enclosed.

Arbitration awards

          The second round of discussions on the various awards of the Board of Arbitration except those pertaining to the Dept. of Revenue / Post, under the Chairmanship of Secretary(P) was concluded on 18th July, 2007. The awards pertaining to Dept. of Revenue and Posts will come up for discussion on 7th August, 2007. Perhaps thereafter, a comprehensive view might be taken by the Govt.

Confederation Website

Having found that the e-mail system of communication has become ineffective, we have opened the website for the Confederation. Presently the address of the website will be as under


           All information and circulars will be placed at the website.

Presentation before the Study Group ISCE, Bangalore


          We have made a presentation before the Study group at Bangalore on pension related matters. The presentation as made before the study group is placed at the website. You may kindly glance through the same.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


(K.K.N. Kutty)

   Secretary General



Campaign Programme


1.       Gujrath                 : Ahmedabad                   Com. C.C. Pillai                  30.8.07

                                       : Rajkot                 Com. K.V. Shridharan        31.8.07

                                                                    Com. Bambi

2.       Punjub, Haryana     : Chandigarh                   Com. M.S. Raja                  28.8.07

          Himachal Pradesh           : Shimla                Com. Deshraj Sharma        29.8.07

                                                                   Com. Surinderpal Singh

3.       Rajasthan             : Jaipur                 Com. V. Bhattacharya        05.9.07

                                      : Jodhpur                Com. Giriraj Singh             06.9.07

                                                                   Com. Shekhawat

4.       U.P                        : Kanpur                Com. P.V. Ramchandran      28.8.07

                                      : Luknow                Com. G.S. Asiwal                 29.8.07

                                      : Allhabad               Com. A.K. Mukhopadhyaya   30.8.07

5.       A.P                        : Hyderabad           Com. C.C. Pillai                   05.9.07

                                      : Vizag                             Com. Doraipandian                       06.9.07

                                                                   Com. V. Nageswar Rao

6.       Karnataka             : Bangalore            Com. Narasinham               28.8.07

                                                                   Com. Selvaraj                    

                                                                   Com. Doraipandian

7.       Tamilnadu             : Chennai              Com. Narasinham               28.8.07

                                      : Coimbatore                    Com. Selvaraj

                                                                   Com. Doraipandian

8.       Kerala                            : Trivandrum                   Com. Narasinham               30.8.07

                                      : Kochi                   Com. Doraipandian                       31.8.07                                                             Com. M. Krishnan

9.       Maharastra           : Mumbai               Com. K.K.N. Kutty 27.8.07 & 28.8.07                                         : Pune                             Com. K.V. Jairaj                   29.8.07      

                                      : Nagpur                 Com. R.P. Singh                   31.8.07

10.     Tripura                  : Agartala              Com. K.K.N. Kutty                05.9.07                                                             Com. Sarbananda Das    

                                                                   Com. Tapan Das Gupta

11.     Bihar                    : Patna                  Com. S.K. Vyas                    27.8.07

                                                                   Com. Gautam Pramanik

                                                                   Com. Jaganath Singh

12.     Jharkhand            : Rachi                   Com. S.K. Vyas                    29.8.07

                                                                   Com. Gautam Pramanik

                                                                   Com. Sahadeo Ram

13.     Orissa                             : Bhubaneswar      Com. S.K. Vyas                    31.8.07

                                                                   Com. Gautam Pramanik

                                                                   Com. Sankar Singh Pradhan

14.     Assam                             : Guwahati            Com. G. Somayya                 28.8.07

                                                                   Com. Sarbananda Das

Com. V. Bhattacherjee

15.     Meghalaya             : Shillong               Com. G. Somayya                 29.8.07

                                                                   Com. J.L. Das

                                                                   Com. V. Bhattacherjee

16.     West Bengal          : Kolkata               Com. S.K. Vyas                    03.9.07

                                                                   Com. Pijush Roy

17.     Madhya Pradesh    : Guwalior             Com. M.S. Raja                   05.9.07                                 : Bhopal                   Com. P.V. Ramchandran      06.9.07

                                                                   Com. Yeshawant Purohit

18.     Chattisgarh           : Raipur                 Com. G. Somayya                03.9.07                                                              Com. P.V. Ramchandran

                                                                   Com. Sunil Kumar Pandey

19.     Delhi                     : New Delhi           Com. C.C. Pillai                   10.9.07

                                                                   Com. S.K. Vyas                   11.9.07

                                                                   Com. M.S. Raja                   12.9.07

                                                                   Com. K.K.N. Kutty          

                                                                   Com. V.Bhattacharya




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