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Dear Comrades!
The National Executive of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has met in New Delhi on 5th June 2007. The National Executive has gone deep into the deliberations of oral evidence tendered by the Staff Side of JCM National Council [Standing Committee] before the 6th Central Pay Commission, the response and attitude of the Pay Commission and the task before us. The outcome of the National Executive is given hereunder:


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No. D/11/06/2007

Dated 7.06.2006

Dear Comrade,

The National Executive of the Confederation met at New Delhi on 05.06.2007 at Manishinath Bhawan. The decision taken on various agenda items slated for discussions are as under:-

Agenda item No. 1 & 2

Review of decisions taken at the last meeting of the National Executive held on 06.02.2007.

(a) Observance of demands day on 14.03.2007 and 20.03.2007.

It was noticed that quite a number of affiliates had not submitted the sectional charter of demands. They are requested to submit the same to the respective HOD and endorse copy thereof to Confederation without any further delay.

(b) Solidarity action in supporting the struggle of GSI/IBM employees

The programme had been carried out successfully by all COCs.

(c) Action against PFRDA Bill

The Raj Bhawan march had been organized by most of the COCs. At Delhi a massive dharna was held under the joint banner of Confederation/AISGEF.

It was stated by the Secretary General that reporting for CoCs and affiliates of the manner in which the programmes are carried out, which had registered a discernible improvement at the end of 2006, has again been slipped back. There had been very few written reports from the affiliates and the CoCs of the programmes carried out in March, 2007. The meeting decided to appeal the State CoCs and affiliates to provide the CHQ with a report of the extent of participation in the programmes of action.

Agenda item No. 3

Reporting of discussions the staff side had with the 6th CPC;

Com. Secretary General stated that on 20th April, 2007 itself the Confederation had circulated a brief resume of the discussion, the staff side had with the CPC. That was a factual presentation of the events as it took place from 16th to 18th April, 2007. The Confederation had not made any comments on those events, as it was thought that the fact as it is should reach the members.

Thereafter, Com. S.K. Vyas, President presented to the house, the impressions gained by the representatives of the Confederation i.e. he himself and the Secretary General who were members of the staff side delegation. He said that in spite of the positive response of the Commission to the formulation on Minimum Wage allowances, Pension etc, the same should not be taken on the face value or should it be considered as an indication of things to materialize. He added that it should only be taken as a free expression and exchange of ideas and must be construed as a cover up to circumvent the others in untenable position taken by the Commission on the question of Interim Relief. The setting up a the three study groups with an elaborate terms of reference on vital questions affecting the service conditions of the Central govt. employees is indicative of the direction with which the CPC would look at matters. The reluctance of the Govt. to set up the CPC was reflective of its eagerness to suppress the wages of the Central Govt. employees and on that pretext of the PSU workers too. He also stated that the representatives of the Confederation prior to the discussion with the CPC and thereafter too tried to have a JCA meeting of all constituents of the JCM to review and take necessary decision to bring up a common resistance movement., which could not unfortunately fructify.

Com. Secretary General, said that having failed to enlist the co-operation of all concerned for a common movement to realize the demand of I.R, the Confederation ought to have met earlier than 5th June, 2007, but could not do so in view of the impending struggle of Postal workers, which was to commence from 24th May, 2007 onwards.

In so far as the allegation leveled by the AP CoC in their written communication placed at the N.E meeting. Com Vyas refuted it by stating that the staff side had neither diluted the demand for I.R nor had its submission been hollow. According to him the case of the CGEs, as is articulated in the memorandum had been admirably presented by the staff side and had substantiated every of its contention with facts, figures, precedence and comparison. He said that the AP State committee's observation in the matter was unfortunate and inexplicable in the absence of any details as to what further should have been presented. In the light of the decision taken at the last meeting he opined that the NE should discuss as to the course of action, the Confederation to pursue in realization of the charter of demands.

Agenda item No.4 & 5

Com. Secretary General informed the house that a meeting of the CoC Secretaries was convened on 10.04.2007 at Nagpur and for the eastern zone at Kolkata on 25.05.2007. Very few Secretaries participated in the meeting. The formation of the State CoCs in all states other than the following was stated to be progressing well:

a) Western U.P b) Punjub, Haryana & J & K

c) Bihar d) Orissa

The following N.E members were requested to interact with the respective comrades in setting up the State CoCs

Bihar - Com C.C Pillai

Western UP - Com. K.K.N. Kutty and Com Deshraj Sharma

Punjub, Haryana & J & K - Com. S.K. Vyas and Com. K. V. Shreedharan

Orissa - Com. M.S. Raja

(b) Meeting of the Central executives of Kolkata based unions/association

A meeting of the Kolkata based affiliates was convened on 25.05.2007. Out of 18 affiliates 16 participated. Various issues were discussed. It was decided that Com. Gautam Pramanik, Organising Secretary of the confederation would make periodical interaction with these organisations. It was decided that Com. Gautam Pramanik will arrange similar meetings prior to and after every N.E. meeting to have proper interaction.

Agenda item No. 7

a) Amendment to the Charter of Demand :

The meeting decided to add the following two issues and make it a 10 point charter of demands.

Points No. 9 : Implement all arbitration awards immediately.

Point No. 10 : Remove the quantum ceiling of Rs.2500/- and pay

bonus on the basis of actual pay drawn.

b) Future course of action

The house decided that the 10 point of demands should be pursued through struggles and the first phase of action should culminate in a days strike in the first week of August, 2007. The Secretary General will write to all organizations to explore the possibilities of organizing a joint action of one day strike in the first week of August, 2007. The date will be fixed after such consultation and mutual agreement. The resolution adopted by the house in this regard is enclosed. The CHQ will intimate the date of strike after such consultations. All affiliates must send a list of sectional demands which they would like to include in the charter of demands, while submitting the Strike Notice.

The house also decided to observe 28th June, 2007 a "STRUGGLE COMMENCEMENT DAY" by organizing lunch recess demonstration/dharna etc. to explain the demands to the mass of the employees. At Delhi efforts will be taken by the state CoC in association with Central Secretariat Non-Gazetted employees Association so as to hold a day long dharna before the North Block where the Ministry of Finance is located.

Agenda item No.6

Com. C.C. Pillai explained the various aspects of the negotiations, the Postal Federations had between them and the Postal Department in settlement of the charter of demands and the decision to suspend the indefinite Strike programme .

Agenda item No 8:

Any other matter with the permission of chair:

1. The house discussed at length the various problems faced by the affiliates in getting recognition from the Govt. under CCS(RSA) Rules. It was decided that the CHQ on going through the letters received by it will prepare a comprehensive Note for submission to the DOPT. The affiliates may send in their communications, if not already done, in this regard by 15.06.2007.

2. Com. M.S. Raja will collect the requisite information of autonomous organizations as was decided at the last meeting.

3. The CoCs expedite formation of daily rated/Casual Workers as per last N.E. decisions.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


(K.K.N. Kutty)

Secretary General


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